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meet the robinsons video game wikia

Meet the Robinsons is a video game based on Walt Disney Pictures Meet the Robinsons. It was released on March 27, in North America. Featuring the. In fact, Disney released a video on its YouTube channel revealing . "Meet the Robinsons" is seen walking through Game Central Station as. Meet the Robinsons refers to three different video games based on a film by the same name. Contents. 1 Console version. Storyline; Gameplay. 2 Game.

meet the robinsons video game wikia

Wilbur generally acts very confident, but he is rather careful about trying to keep Lewis' cover until realizing he can't keep the act up, so exposes him. Appearances Meet the Robinsons video game Following Wilbur's adventures, the game begins with a Time-Travel trip to Ancient Egypt, with Wilbur deciding to explore a pyramid.

Upon his escape back to the future, Carl chastises him for making a minor alteration in the process: A worker saw him in the time machine, dubbing it a chariot of the gods. Wilbur then has to do a few errands around the house before another time trip, which includes taking out the trash to the garage.

meet the robinsons video game wikia

Fighting past the robot security, Wilbur makes it and goes back to the Science Fair after Bowler Hat Guy, but upon arrival into the gymnasium, he bursts through the doors and slams into Stanleywhose volcano is thrown into Lizzy 's Fire Ant Farm. Called back to the future quickly by Carl, Wilbur finds the timestream has been altered that now Stanley and Lizzy are warring supervillains and Stanley is now in charge of the world with Magma Industries.

Wilbur tracks his time machine down to Lizzy's underground lair, The Hive, but after defeating the ant queen now has to enter Stanley's headquarters as well. After fighting Stanley's ultimate robot, Prometheus, the volcano starts becoming unstable and threatens to erupt. Quickly traveling back, Wilbur sets things right between Lizzy and Stanley and makes a quick stop back to see what has become of them a petshop owner and a pizza restauranteur respectively and exiting through the front door, is thrown into the Doris' victory timeline and fights the Mega-Doris.

After defeating the giant robot hat, Wilbur proceeds back in time to help Lewis. Meet the Robinsons After leaving the garage door open while taking out the trash which allows the Bowler Hat Guy to steal the second time machine, Wilbur follows him through time in the first machine and pulls his future father, Lewis, under a table to warn him about the Bowler Hat Guy, but Lewis thinks he's crazy and leaves.

While looking for the Bowler Hat Guy, Wilbur runs into his future mother Franny and knocks her frogs from her hands then jumps on another kid, believing him to be the Bowler Hat Guy.

Laszlo Robinson

He then throws Lewis' designs back at him and pretends to be a pigeon to get his attention. When Lewis doesn't believe him about being a Time Agent, discovering that his "badge" is just a tanning salon coupon, and tears up his Memory Scanner plans, Wilbur makes him a deal: After getting Lewis' sarcastic agreement, he shoves him off the roof into the time machine and takes him to see the future.

Lewis, however, decides to use the machine to stop his mother from abandoning him and the two boys fight over the controls, causing the machine to crash. Wilbur makes Lewis another deal: He hides Lewis in the garage, he makes him wear a fruit hat and warns him not leave. This machine creates items using Base Components which Wilbur collects during his adventure.

meet the robinsons video game wikia

A Breakout like game called Chargeball is both featured in the game itself and as an extra gameplay option. Different Chargeball "maps" can be found throughout game and it is up to Wilbur to become the Chargeball champion. The locations in this game include: Game Boy Advance version[ edit ] Storyline[ edit ] After Lewis returns to the past and prepares for his new life, Wilbur arrives back home only to find that his house has been invaded by several hundred Mini-Doris hats.

He learns that Mini-Doris, which Frannie's Frogs originally captured, has made its way to Robinson Industries to begin cloning herself.

Lizzy (Meet the Robinsons)

Wilbur travels back into the past in the hopes that Lewis will be able to help him again, an offer which Lewis is at first reluctant to take. Gameplay[ edit ] Exclusively developed for the Game Boy Advance, the Climax Entertainment game features a completely different storyline and uses a mix of side-scrolling, top-view, and flying levels for the Time Machine throughout. Lewis runs away in misery after finding out Wilbur lied to him about going back to see his mom, and encounters the Bowler Hat Guy, who lures him into his time machine by promising to bring him to his mother.

In a dark room, Lewis shows the Bowler Hat Guy how to operate his memory scanner but the latter goes back on his word and ties him up.

meet the robinsons video game wikia

Lewis questions what the Bowler Hat Guy has against him. As Lewis grapples with the revelation, he repeats his previous question. The Bowler Hat Guy flips on a light, revealing that they're in Lewis' old room at the orphanage, or as he claims, their old room.

Meet The Robinsons - Longplay - Xbox One

He reveals himself as an aged and deeply embittered Mike Yagoobian Goob. He tells Lewis that he is to be blamed for a miserable life of Goob, having kept him sleep-deprived, causing him to lose his little league game.

Goob obsessed over this defeat, scaring away his chances at adoption, and stayed at the orphanage after it closed down, eventually coming to blame Lewis for his misery. Goob initially intended to get revenge by vandalizing Robinson Industries, only to meet DOR Dorisa failed and abandoned invention of Cornelius'.

They cooperate to steal the time machine, able to steal it because Wilbur forgot to lock the garage door, and plotted to use it to capture and plagiarize Lewis' first famous invention, to ruin Lewis's career as an inventor.

Lewis warns that their actions may drastically alter the future but Goob doesn't care. Lewis tells his old friend that he should just let go of his past and "Keep Moving Forward", incidentally reciting his future motto. However, Goob finds it more convenient to blame Lewis.

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Goob and Doris prepare to present the stolen invention to InventCo in the past. Wilbur and his robot Carl Harland Williams save Lewis and the memory scanner and escape. As they make their way back to the Robinson house, Lewis punches Wilbur in the shoulder for failing to lock the garage door, revealing that he knows he's his father. Then suddenly, Doris destroys Carl and steals back the memory scanner, returning to Goob as their time machine vanishes.

The scenery around Lewis and Wilbur still in the future darkens, and Wilbur vanishes into oblivion as history is being rewritten. Lewis enters the derelict house and discovers the memory-scanner in the garage. Viewing its records, he discovers that after mass-producing the memory-scanner, Goob also mass-produces Doris, whereupon the multitude of robotic hats took control of their wearers, something Goob hadn't planned.