Meet the spartans unrated pit of death edition peters

Meet The Spartans (Unrated Pit-Of-Death Edition)

Meet the Spartans summary of box office results, charts and release Peter Safran Meet the Spartans (Rated Edition) · Meet the Spartans (Unrated Pit-of- Death Edition) · Meet the Spartans (Blu-ray) (Unrated Edition). I have every pink panther and Peter sellers movie unopened to preserve it. Meet the Spartans (DVD, Unrated Pit of Death Edition) *Brand New Free Ship. 21 items KING LEONIDAS Funko Pop #16 Spartans MOVIE Vaulted . Meet the Spartans Unrated Pit-of-Death Ed. Blu-ray NEW SeanMaguire CarmenElectra (DVD, 2-Disc Set, Special Edition) & Lara Croft Tomb Raider (DVD,serii.infon) KODACHROME CAMERA TRANSPARENCY PETER BASCH.

The print is spotless, although there is some slight grain, and at times the transfer can appear a bit indistinct and fuzzy due to the intense colors. Shadow delineation also suffers a bit due to a dark cast, but it's hardly enough to warrant a major gripe. Overall, 'Meet the Spartans' is bold, three-dimensional and pleasing. Though not at all noteworthy, overall the audio is fine for a comedy. Specs are simply serviceable across the board. The track sounds healthy and punchy, with nice low bass that supports the lame jokes well, and a clean and polished feel to the rest of the spectrum.

Meet The Spartans Unrated Pit Of Death Edition DVD Review:

Surrounds are moderately engaged, with a few pronounced discrete effects and decent atmosphere. The music is well-balanced in the mix along with dialogue, so I had no volume level issues.

The source is also predictably clean of any defects. A perfectly adequate presentation. Special Features 2 Stars out of 5 'Meet the Spartans' hits Blu-ray and standard DVD with a matching set of extras that look fairly impressive when listed on the back of the box. Of course, the whole invisibility thing really complicates matters. And learning on the fly how to be a spy is a big-time challenge for our heroes.

Meet the Spartans

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