Meet the stars of lonelygirl15 summary

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meet the stars of lonelygirl15 summary

Bree and her best friend Daniel were played by actors. . from the pre- Lonelygirl15 era of YouTube was of two guys lipsyncing to the Pokemon theme songs. Then, one evening at a karaoke bar in LA, he met Mesh Flinders. Poor Paul is a sex comedy and politically incorrect web series that stars Kevin G. Schmidt, Samantha Droke, Wes Whitworth and Zack Bennett. It was aired between and Contents. 1 Summary; 2 Characters; 3 Episodes; 4 References; 5 External links and Jessica Lee Rose of lonelygirl15 joined the cast in September Keywords convergence, YouTube, Lonelygirl15, social media, franchise, . A brief summary of the show is in order to contextualize the discussion to follow. How Brands and YouTube Stars Are Hooking Up to Reach Millions of Millenials.

I'm not sure, professional courtesy to another storyteller, I guess? Maybe I was hoping this was some young talent with some promise.

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I didn't get quite as much harrassment as Flemming did, but it has still been damn strange for the last couple of weeks having to tell people including folks from Haxan! Now, finding out it's from CAA, I can take the gloves off and join the chorus of critique. The way they announced "the truth" is another example of what I would think of as a string elementary mistakes ranging from camera choices to lighting to trying to record too many segments in one shoot -- the single most challenging part of any "hoax" or "immersive story" is how you do the reveal.

If you do the reveal poorly, the audience will turn on you and rip you apart. If you do the reveal well, the audience become conspirators, people "in on the secret" and they become evangelists. In the age of sideshows, it was called "turning the tip"in online immersive storytelling we frequently call it "the wink" example of a wink. Letting the audience discover the truth for themselves is always more satisfying for them than hitting them in the face with it: My least favorite part is their argument that "we are witnessing the birth of a new art form".

I want generalizations, detailsboring! Including using a professional makeup artist on that entirely-too-foxy actress. The most obvious question is "why?

I don't for a moment believe that it's just for the sake of a "new art form". Somehow or other eventually they intend to sell something, or advertise something. Den Beste at 4: YouTube fame is fake. Around the same time as Welles' triumph, Dennis Wheatley wrote four works of crime fiction that took a different slant on immersiveness: Most notable was Murder off Miami.

Another ancestor of this meme, I think, albeit not deceptive. What really, specifically, is interesting here? Can anybody tell me what the music in this video is? Also, interesting comment, bclark. And thanks for a nice post, zaebiz. Whatever I might have believed or not believed about it, no way was she fifteen. It was like watching a Meg Ryan movie writ small: A post on a forum?

At least knock up a quick website they had weeks of warning or blog with a countdown. And with the number of times that this art form has been 'born', it's enough to make me believe in reincarnation. She is no more real or fictitious than the portions of our personalities that we choose to show or hide when we interact with the people around us. I realize that's a debatable point that the videos were interesting, but really, does it matter at all if it's real or not?

This was my first time watching a Lonelygirl15 video. Am I to understand that anyone thought she was just a reg'lar teen-ager making professionally-lit and -filmed and -edited and -scripted videos in the privacy of her bedroom? As I watched the "Pluto" segment, I kept waiting for the cut to the Gap logo.

Borrow a life if need be. Your favorite band Youtuber sucks!

Lonelygirl15: how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet

Christ, I hate this attitude. It's bullshit like that that's gotten this country in the mess it's in. Does it matter whether there were WMDs in Iraq? Does it matter who really won the last two presidential elections? Look, a shiny thing! But did people actually think these were authentic?

They are so far removed from the typical youtube video, where its considered quality if the camera isn't dropped or shaking violently. The editing and music alone are enough to tip off that something isn't entirely authentic with those videos For crying out loud. It's entertainment were talking about here, not politics. Whether it's real or not only affects the context of the story, not the story itself.

I'm not trying to say nothing matters, because I hate that attitude, too. What I'm saying is that in this instance, with a debatably immersive story, it doesn't matter if it's true or not because it's still debatably entertaining. If it fake, you're suckers. Either way, don't watch that shit. This whole"YouTube Celebrity" phenomenon makes me want to go on a three-state killing spree. There was an article on Boston. I watched the linked video, and it was a homely girl with buck teeth miming to some novelty song.

I was so impressed that I can't even remember what it is.

meet the stars of lonelygirl15 summary

That was the whole thing. Who would bother watching more of that? It makes you dumber to watch people do stupid shit. Also, the girl had a bunch of glowing comments from people who were obviously stay-at-home fatladies.

Look at the "Address" bar above and see that my username is lonelygirl There's a thin strip of New York after Connecticut, but Connecticut is crawling with cops because the whole state is a speed trap.

You could start in Mass. Then the judge would call you a failure. Plus, when you're tried in New Hampshire, you could be executed if you are black or retarded. Night Shyamalan could botch dramatic tension this badly.

meet the stars of lonelygirl15 summary

I watched one of them and the minute I saw the video quality and the skill at which it had been edited for a girl who claimed it was her first time fidling with a webcam I knew someone was having it on. Way to go internets for taking all summer to figure this one out This website will allow everyone to enjoy the full potential of this new medium. Unfortunately, we aren't programmers. A pseudoviral campaign on YouTube for Really, what's the appeal here anyway?

You'd have to be deranged to find that digesting webcam style diatribes from a fifteen year old girl is even close to being worth your time. I only watched a few minutes of the vlogs, and found them insufferable, however her deletion from wikipedia irritated the hell out of me. She's much more interesting fake then real. Why do people like to tell stories around a campfire? Why go to haunted houses on Halloween? Why are we looking at this a 'a bogus fake'?

People were trying to tell a story. In today's enlightened society, you can't just tell a story in dated conventional ways if you want to emotionally affect your audience. Perhaps a generation or so ago, a guy could tell the story around a campfire about a man with a hook for a hand terrorizing a city with relative ease. He just found something hook like and hid it in his jacket until the opportune moment when he'd present it dramatically, hiding his own hand in his sleeve, and the crackling fire would add to the drama and shock, causing the others around the campfire to gasp or squeal or pass out.

Nowadays, to tell that same story, you'd need a team of special effects guys hiding in the bushes, full orchestral score, hired actors to portray the reenactment, and a bunch of lawyers on hand to deal with the fainters when they came to, begging them to sign nondisclosure agreements and threatening them not to sue. Books, television, plays and movies are dead.

Who inhabits Seahaven after Truman leaves the show? I now understand what you were saying, and I truly regret having aimed my fire at a fellow hater-of-that-attitude.

Becki Kregoski as Taylor Genatiempo a. A passionate soccer player, she has more social skills than the rest of her family and is often upset by their actions. Maxwell Glick as Spencer Gilman a. LAlabratan employee at Neutrogena with connections to the Order's science division. Chosen as a good role model for Bree, he sets out to help engineer a Trait Negative Serum. Katherine Pawlak as Emma Wharton, Jonas's trait positive younger sister.

She grows up significantly during her battle for her life against the Order, and goes out of her way to try to protect her friends. Crystal Young as Gina Hart, Bree's trait positive older sister who was taken from her at birth and used as a lab rat most of her life.

meet the stars of lonelygirl15 summary

She is quiet and reserved, and feels more comfortable with art supplies than with other people. One of the last videos in the Lonelygirl15 series suggested that Sonja had returned to the Hymn of One. History Before the vlog was revealed as fake, the title character dealt with mundane teenage problems such as being grounded; lonelygirl15 posted video replies to, and dropped the names of popular YouTubers. To further the initial illusion that Bree was a real girl, a MySpace page was set up for her and she seemingly began corresponding with many of her fans.

Later the show moved to a bizarre narrative that portrayed her dealings with secret occult practices within her family, and included the mysterious disappearance of her parents after she refused to attend a "secret" ceremony prescribed by the leaders of the family's cult. Hoax accusations At first discussion regarding why they thought lonelygirl15 might be a fake went on in her video comments. In early Augusta fan began a discussion at the previously stagnant www.

Soon the message board became full of discussion about even the tiniest details in each of her videos, everything from the quality of the lighting to the flora seen in her outdoor videos. Fans used the forum to collect, organize and share their findings, and pointed to small inconsistencies within the videos as evidence that the story might not be genuine, wondering if Bree's posts were part of a teaser campaign for a television show or an upcoming movie[7] similar to the viral marketing used to promote The Blair Witch Project or Cloverfield.

Others thought that the blog might be part of an alternate reality game. She said in one video: Indeed, perhaps her shyness, fine for most vloggers, was perceived as acting. Users focused primarily on the issue of being real and sincere, all agreeing that LisaNova was in fact being real.

The discussion highlights some of the contradictions in vlogging: Not a lot of time and effort is put into the videos over here. This is basically just fun. Lonelygirl15 and Dax Flame: Vlogging rogues This final section examines how the issues discussed so far work in practice. The Lonelygirl15 story is almost unquestionably the most significant early incident involving authenticity and reality on YouTube.

An account of the major debates and players in the incident brings to light more rules for real vlogs, including a lack of professionalism film quality, editing and acting, irregularity of posting, unattractiveness of the vlogger, removal of corporate interests today a few popular channels, including Fred and WhatTheBuck, have product placementsand the absence of mystery and narrative flow [ 27 ] Stelter, ; Albrecht, The first installment of the Lonelygirl series was somewhat simple — no props — featuring only her face as she spoke about her identity.

The simplicity of the video seems, in retrospect, to be a concerted effort to construct normalcy: Her name is Bree. Even while differentiating the series from television, Miles Beckett, one of the creators, attests that the reality produced online has its own rules: Brian Fleming, an independent film director and early fan of the show, is largely credited with providing the most detailed analysis of the YouTube phenomenon before the show was finally exposed though he was not the first to suggest it was fake.

Fleming says Lonelygirl became unreal when viewers started to realize the lighting was too well—executed and the video and sound quality too sharp. He also gave prescriptions specific to YouTube. Real vloggers, he noted, do not post video consistently: Viewers too noticed this tension between professionalism and independent vlogging, but early on few suspected the vlog might have producers. They saw it as unprofessional, and unprofessional vlogging was real and true.

Many commenters echoed this sentiment.

meet the stars of lonelygirl15 summary

In late July, when the Times first hinted at the controversy, few people endorsed the argument alleging foul play. The overwhelming majority of viewers were not cynical — even in the fairly cynical enterprise of commenting on videos and blogs. As one early commentator said, cheerleading the editing: Clearly, the creators had mimicked the style of YouTube to a fairly accurate degree. Most notable was the criticism of gohepcat, a YouTuber often cited as giving the first video tirade against the soon—to—be—exposed vlog.

Lonelygirl how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet | Technology | The Guardian

In most cases, this helped the vlog, as it continues to do, making it popular and likely blunting early criticism. Yet not all were smitten.

On her second blog, one commentator, clearly in the minority, said: Therefore she is an actress and getting paid.

On YouTube vloggers are not supposed to act or play characters, be mysterious or remind the viewers of the presence of the camera if they want to be seen as real. All of these remind the viewer of a narrative, which furthers implies a construction. For Fleming, this video demonstrated a break with the narrative — which highlights the fact that there is one — and inconsistency of character — which highlights the fact that these are characters Fleming, First, Fleming says, the argument would not have been recorded in the first place.

Daniel says in the video they should shut off the camera, while Bree says it does not matter. Both of these flaws highlight characteristics authentic vlogs are not supposed to have: Dax Flame is an even better example of the power of acting to raise questions about reality.

It is difficult to describe his performance, except to say it resembles the behavior of someone with a mental or learning disability [ 39 ]. His peculiar demeanor raised eyebrows almost immediately, prompting the fourth commenter on his first video post to announce skepticism: At least these are funny.

I thought you were just an actor. Then I saw this and laughed my ass off …. The revelation proved nothing. It merely suggested he used a pseudonym, a point not lost on some commentators: For Lonelygirl, character was not the only sign of faking it; one other anomaly sparked speculation the show was not real: The mystery continued when viewers noticed a photo of what appeared to be Aleister Crowley in the background.

That the camera peered over the photo set off some alarms, but it was the reference to the occultist that ended the debate for some fans. This instinct turned out to be accurate. Since the mystery around Bree concluded, the Lonelygirl series and its British spin—off Kate Modern have both focused on secret cults and religious conspiracies. The fallout from the Lonelygirl imbroglio prompted some serious questioning on YouTube, and a general disillusionment with authenticity among its users.

If the situation resulted in anything, it was to awaken users to the realities of online video: She is no more real or fictitious than the portions of our personalities that we choose to show or hide when we interact with the people around us. The statement proved to be more predictive than probably they imagined.

After they came public, viewership of the show stayed constant or grew. The show remained popular for another year: I am interested, however, in debunking any attempt by some self—important marketing guru to include you, and me, in some twisted and protracted viral marketing campaign.

meet the stars of lonelygirl15 summary

The battle was over soul of YouTube as an anti—mass media enterprise, something that Jean Burgess and Joshua Green have explored. As blogger Alyson Fallon put it: The answer, in case you were wondering, is always ape. These debates have broader implications. It is possible that these binaries — like real or fake — are simply mysteries filling in for anxieties about artistry and performance in the digital age. Many understand that most YouTubers are acting and faking it to certain a degree.

What matters more is if the performance sparks interest and expands minds. As one vlogger said of Dax Flame: Keep going buddy …. Trying to explain the complexity of the Dax Flame experience, another vlogger said the viewership of the 15—year old is split into two camps: And now those people are beginning to switch from the first camp to the second camp. This does not mean performers are lying. As long as a vlog or video manages to capture the imagination and relate emotionally, its actual truth may be irrelevant.

If there is a new stage in the development of personal videos online, this may be the direction it takes. He researches the Web series, YouTube, television and film. I chose a small sample for a few reasons. For one, with the millions of videos on the site, any attempt at representativeness is open to suspicion though certainly such attempts are valid.

In addition, the purpose of this paper is not generalizability, but instead to offer ways of thinking about vlogging and debates over authenticity.