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wilbur meet the robinsons voice

Meet the Robinsons is a American computer-animated science fiction comedy film The voice cast includes Jordan Fry, Wesley Singerman, Harland Williams, Wilbur meets Lewis at the orphanage and asks him to repair the scanner. Meet the Robinsons () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, ( based upon the book "A Day with Wilbur Robinson" by) Wilbur (voice). This article is about the character Wilbur from Meet the Robinsons. For other characters, see Wilbur. Voice. Wesley Singerman.

Surely he wouldn't literally cease to exist just because he didn't become a bitter, twisted, and extremely unhygienic Dastardly Whiplash character. Why didn't he just transform to reflect the adulthood he would have achieved without the grudge against Lewis? Maybe that's why they decided not to use that version of the scene Maybe this "aether dissolution" isn't of the same kind, meaning only that he wouldn't be there, as he wouldn't be trying to foil Lewis' life since his life wasn't ruined after all DORIS, on the other hand, probably would.

Mike Yagoobian's corrected future self is somewhere else in the future, doing his business, probably playing baseball. Yeah, that's what I figured. It's just a little disturbing that they chose to represent both alterations in the same way. It's possible that they were the same type of alteration, and Wilbur was in fact born but was off doing his business as a slave to the hat.

Let's just state the contradiction simply: From the first appearance of Wilbur onward, the entire film happened because Bowler Hat Guy stole the time machine at Doris' suggestion. By undoing both Doris' and Bowler Hat Guy's existence presumably Goob grows up to be a completely different person as a result of Lewis waking him up in time for the winning catchLewis should have undone the entire plot of the film.

Of course, the only reason Lewis thought to wake Goob up was because of Bowler Hat Guy's Start of Darknessso the logical conclusion is a paradox: Okay, so in the first ten minutes of the film, Goob can be heard saying that his little league team has "lost every game.

This seems like a pretty trifling mistake and that this troper should probably just relax, until you remember that dwelling on that one catch is what causes him to grow up the way he does.

Maybe the Dinos managed to start winning after that line of Goob's. But still, dwelling on that one catch though Well, Goob is rather imbalanced. Perhaps he's just an Unreliable Narrator. Granted the kids got mad at him for falling asleep during a game, but there's no reason to believe they genuinely hated him, especially after the following line, and his non-sequiturs when he grows up. Hi Goob, what up? Hey Goob, you wanna hang out?

They all hated me. He actually says "we've been doing better recently" or something to that effect Did anyone pay attention to the movie?

In his first appearance Goob had bags under his eyes. Then there is the invention montage. Goob has most likely been kept up every single night since he was bunked with Lewis. He misses the baseball catch; but it's on the same day that Lewis patents an invention that makes him rich and gets adopted. How did the Bowler Hat Guy get that huge dinosaur in his comparatively small time machine?

wilbur meet the robinsons voice

The front seats push forward, of course. Some feature on the machine that allows for expansion of the bubble the machine generates to travel the timestream? Quite possibly robotic, or maybe gene spliced. I wouldn't exactly put it beyond Lewis's capabilities to figure out how to do either.

wilbur meet the robinsons voice

Animals just seemed to tame down quickly and get Amplified Animal Aptitude on the Robinson estate. Once Tiny the Tyrannosaur's mind-control hat was knocked off, for example, he fell into line almost immediately, rather then, well, continuing the sort of rampage you'd expect of a wild tyrannosaur. It would also nicely explain Franny's frogs. Ok I can understand some of the family writing off the similarity of Lewis and Cornelius but really, you expect me to believe you can fool his wife who knew him at 12 on top of all that with a hat?

It helps that his voice would sound different at that age but come on, she ignores all of it up till the hair which is the easiest to write off as coincidence? Well, his face is considerably different when he's older. If she wasn't paying a whole lot of attention, I can see her not noticing.

The hair, however, is really a striking similarity. I've always thought the family knew what was going on all the time Cornelius might've told them earlier but were just acting. I think it's more surprising Lewis's parents never noticed. But even if they thought he reminded them of Cornelius, it would probably never occur to them their year-old son had somehow traveled to the future. Why does Cornelius need reminding who's at fault for the time machines being gone? Hell, he lived the reason.

When he comes back, the first thing he does is freak out about the time machines being gone. Even after he sees himself, he looks in a explain-this-now way at Wilbur. Why didn't he slap his forehead and go 'oh my gosh, so it was this business trip!

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Cornelius thought that the time machines were stolen. After all, it's been 30 years and seeing the future, a lot has happened since.

I don't think you'd go "oh right, this is when that thing happened 30 years ago" when you see you time machines gone. My first assumption would be "oh my god, the time machines have been stolen!!!! When he comes outside, he sees what happened and his wife explains. And it doesn't seem a explain-this-now face but more a you-wrecked-the-time-machine-and-had-me-repair-it face to me.

After all, we know Wilbur is going to be in a lot of trouble Cornelius also told his younger self that what he had seen of the future he could only achieve if he made the right decisions, suggesting maybe a fluid timeline or even timeline crossover. By that I mean Cornelius wasn't the same Lewis we've seen through the movie, but rather a similar one further down a neighboring timeline and would not have had any recollection of the events of the movie, and told Lewis that he had to build his own future and that nothing is set in stone before sending him off back to his own timeline where he would grow up and mostly likely build a future very similar to that which he'd seen.

Wilbur Robinson VOICE

Also, so, Calvin's Dad was right? Pictures of the past are color pictures of a black and white or in this case, sepia-toned time? Look how much more vibrant Lewis and Wilbur are compared to the surroundings. Everything else is brown. It was very rainy that day, and all we saw in comparison was the clothing of the mother and the orphanage, neither of which were likely to be super-vibrant.

Lewis and Wilbur were under a blue light, while the mother was under a yellow one. How come the Robinsons still had that Dinosaur as a pet presumably at the end, even though it was Doris and Bowler hat guy that went to get it, which of course didn't happen as Lewis uninvented Doris and Bowler hat guy never sought revenge? They don't really know when, exactly, Bowler Hat Guy pulled the T Rex out of the time stream, and, putting him back in at the wrong time could, possibly, destroy the time stream, and lead to Lewis not existing, for instance.

wilbur meet the robinsons voice

And, er, it seems the presence of Lewis is enough to create a brief bubble around himself and his family, and occasionally, say, Bowler Hat Guy, so he can see the future Dor had planned for them. So, Lewis being there for the return of the time stream caused the T Rex to still be there when the family returned, as they'd apparently adopted it after the attack. Lewis seemed to really like the idea of having a pet dinosaur.

In the new timeline he decided to get one.

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Why do we still refer to him as 'Bowler Hat Guy'? Why do we keep tiptoeing around the issue? Maybe because it's either Bowler Hat Guy as he was known for most of the movie or Future!

wilbur meet the robinsons voice

Goob which is more outright spoilericious than everything else here. It's one of the more unexpected twists in recent film history. This troper remembers the first time he saw the movie and during The Reveal thought, " What? How do you go from being someone like Goob to being somebody like Bowler Hat Guy? This makes no sense whatsoever. Cornelius and the ending. Why in the name of all that's loving would Lewis change his name so easily? Sure, it was to keep a shocking revelation Lewis is the patriarch of a large family and the smartest mind on Earthbut really.

I can think of two scenarios that would be more plausible Lewis being a teacher-mentor to Cornelius, no Lewis means no Robinson Family Future. And Lewis being Cornelius' or Franny's father; because seriously, why in God's name would Lewis change the name he's had for 12 years for no apparent reason. And the ending just seemed like one giant Deus ex Machina after another: What does Walt Disney have to do anything with?

Yes, they used part of his quote, but they weren't worshiping him or telling people to. They use the "Keep moving forward" theme and I think quote on Phineas and Ferb but so far I've seen no one who's said something along the lines of what you wrote.

Talk about an over-reaction And who said Lewis was the one who changed his own name? As Wilbur tries to put his hand on Lewis' shoulder in comfort, Franny calls them to dinner and Wilbur has no choice but to take Lewis as Franny threatens to come and get them, which would result in her seeing the broken time machine.

Meet The Robinsons Deleted Scene - Meeting Carl

At dinner, Wilbur introduces Lewis as an orphan and tries to get him to fix Cornelius' peanut butter and jelly maker to boost his confidence. When the family demands Lewis take off his hat, Wilbur causes a food fight to prevent it. Doris later tries to drop a chandelier on him but is interrupted by Bowler Hat Guy sending in a Mini-Doris controlled dinosaur named Tiny. Wilbur and his family battle to protect Lewis with Wilbur pulling him out of the way of Tiny, but when he notices Mini-Doris, Tiny tries to eat him on Bowler Hat Guy's orders, but Lewis saves him.

Afterwards, he and Lewis share a moment of triumph where the two realize how great a team they make before Lewis accidentally calls Franny "Mom" and she offers to adopt him. Knowing this can't happen and seeing no other choice, Wilbur knocks off Lewis' hat, exposing his identity to the shocked Robinsons, forcing Franny to retract her offer. When Lewis tries to defend him and asks if he can still go see his mom like Wilbur promised, Wilbur blurts out he never meant it while trying to escape trouble leaving Lewis infuriated and feeling betrayed as he'd come to see Wilbur as his friend.

Lewis runs off and Wilbur calls after him to come back and that they are friends. For his actions, Franny promises Wilbur that he's grounded until he dies. Wilbur tries to catch up to Lewis and finds him being enticed by Bowler Hat Guy who he leaves with. Wilbur catches up with the help of Carl and gains Lewis' attention by pretending to be a pigeon again.

Carl and Wilbur rescue Lewis who punches Wilbur in the arm for forgetting to close the garage door and lying to him, revealing that he now knows the truth about everything, including being Wilbur's father. Wilbur considers it a great story for Lewis to tell him one day, but before they can reach the Robinson house, Doris attacks, destroying Carl and taking the Memory Scanner.

Wilbur is erased from existence, but before that, begs Lewis to fix the time machine and set everything right, expressing faith in him and calling him "Dad. Wilbur congratulates Lewis before noticing the now-reformed Bowler Hat Guy and attacks him, telling Lewis to run for help. Lewis instead convinces him to offer for the Robinsons to adopt him, but Bowler Hat Guy leaves as they talk, leaving behind his notebook.

Wilbur reunites with his relieved family before his dad arrives home demanding to know about the disappeared time machines and his past self being in the future. Wilbur quickly tries to run but is ratted out by Franny which he finds harsh. Reluctantly, Wilbur agrees and hides Lewis in the garage.

Lewis does not stay there for long, however, and ends up meeting the rest of the Robinson family except for Cornelius, Wilbur's father, who is away on a business trip. The Robinsons offer to adopt Lewis, but change their mind when they learn that he is from the past. Wilbur admits to lying to Lewis about taking him back to see his mom, causing Lewis to run off in disgust. Lewis then discovers that Cornelius Robinson is, in fact, a future version of himself, and Wilbur is his future son. Because he was kept awake by Lewis' work on the scanner, Goob fell asleep during an important Little League game and failed to make an important catch that cost the game.

Goob became so bitter as a result that he was never adopted and remained in the orphanage long after it closed. Doris is "DOR", one of Lewis' failed and abandoned inventions. They both blamed Lewis for their misfortunes and decided to ruin his career by stealing the memory scanner and claiming credit for it.