Black muslims meet white muslim flag

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black muslims meet white muslim flag

"The Black Muslim Mosque has been called by high police officials a stabilizing influence in the community." The Washington Star News | U.S. News. The Nation of Islam (NOI) is an African-American movement and organization that In , Fard met a migrant worker named Elijah Poole (aka Elijah Muhammad) As Farrakhan says, “the white race is a race of devils.” 8. Refugees in America • Confederate Flag Controversy • Elisabeth Elliot • Animal. "I have found in several "hard Islamic" websites the symbol of a white Taliban flag "This black flag with the Shahada in white on it is the RAYAH, the flag of the It does not meet the threshold of originality needed for copyright protection, and.

Flag of Malaysia with traditional British colors and Islamic crescent Some flags of Muslim states use inscribed flags, either with the shahadaas in the flags of Saudi Arabiaor in the case of the Islamic Republic of Iranstylized writing of the word Allah. The flag of Iraq uses the pan-Arab colours sincewith the addition of the takbir since The practice of inscribing the shahada on flags may go back the 18th century, used by the Wahhabi religious movement.

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The First East Turkestan Republic of used it on their flag, and the Taliban introduced it on their flag of Afghanistan in Representation of flags[ edit ] This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. July Learn how and when to remove this template message Unlike the practice in most Western nationsflags are usually depicted in Islamic countries with the staff to the right.

This is analogous to the right-to-left form of most Arabic and Arabic-influenced scripts. This can make for confusion when flag images are shown without an accompanying flagstaff, as it may not be immediately obvious which way around the flag is being depicted. In keeping with Islamic lawMuslim flags generally do not bear any representations of live creatures.

They knew what to do. But if you make a list of the biggest Negro "leaders," so-called, inthen you've named the ones who began to attack us "field" Negroes who were sounding insane, talking that way about "good massa. Ridiculous pretenders to the ancient Islamic doctrine Heretic anti-Christianity --" [ I had a receiver against my ear five hours a day.

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I was listening, and jotting in my notebook, as press, radio, and television people called, all of them wanting the Muslim reaction to the quoted attacks of these black "leaders. Muhammad in Chicago, reading from my notebook and asking for Mr. Muhammad could maintain his calm and patience, hearing the things I told him. I could scarcely contain myself.

My wife Betty put down the phone after taking one message, and it was ringing again. It seemed that wherever I went, telephones were ringing. Calls came, long distance from San Francisco to Maine I would see a Muslim brother at our restaurantor Betty at home, trying to keep cool; they'd hand me the receiver, and I couldn't believe it, either.

One funny thing in all that hectic period, something quickly struck my notice: Only the American white man was so plagued and obsessed with being "hated.

Malcolm X, why do you teach black supremacy, and hate? When we Muslims had talked about " the devil white man " he had been relatively abstract, someone we Muslims rarely actually came into contact with, but now here was that devil-in-the-flesh on the phone -- with all of his calculating, cold-eyed, self-righteous tricks and nerve and gall. The voices questioning me became to me as breathing, living devils.

Muhammad is doing is trying to uplift the black man's mentality and the black man's social and economic condition in this country. Our slave foreparents would have been put to death for advocating so-called ' integration ' with the white man. Muhammad speaks of 'separation,' the white man calls us 'hate-teachers' and ' fascists '!

He doesn't want the blacks that are a parasite upon him! He doesn't want this black man whose presence and condition in this country expose the white man to the world for what he is!

So why do you attack Mr. Malcolm X," those devils would ask, "why is your Fruit of Islam being trained in judo and karate? I'd turn their question around: It's all right, it's fine -- until hlack men teach it! Even little grammar school classes, little girls, are taught to defend themselves-" [ Right Reverend Bishop T.

64 countries have religious symbols on their national flags

Chickenwing says you have only a handful of members --" [ The Holy Bible in the white man's hands and his interpretations of it have been the greatest single ideological weapon for enslaving millions of non-white human beings.

Every country the white man has conquered with his guns, he has always paved the way, and salved his conscience, by carrying the Bible and interpreting it to call the people 'heathens' and 'pagans'; then he sends his guns, then his missionaries behind the guns to mop up --" [ The greatest of all Greeks, Socrates, was killed as a 'demagogue.

The modem Pharisees are tying to heap destruction upon Mr. Muhammadcalling him a demagogue,a crackpot, and fanatic. The man that Churchill called 'a naked little fakir,' refusing food in a British jail? But then a quarter of a billion people, a whole subcontinent, rallied behind Gandhi -- and they twisted the British Lion's taill What about Galileostanding before his inquisitors, saying 'The earth does move! We, the followers of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, are today in the ghettoes as once the sect of Christianity's followers were like termites in the catacombs and the grottoes -- and they were preparing the grave of the mighty Roman Empire!

The reporters were angry. When I'd reach into history, they'd try to pull me back to the present. They would quit interviewing, quit their work, trying to defend their personal white devil selves.

They would unearth Lincoln and his freeing of the slaves. I'd tell them things Lincoln said in speeches, against the blacks. They would drag up the Supreme Court decision on school integration. It was trickery and magic that told Negroes they were desegregated - Hooray! I'll never forget how one practically lost his voice. He asked me did I feel anywhite men had ever done anything for the black man in America.

black muslims meet white muslim flag

I told him, "Yes, I can think of two. The black man in America couldn't get a decent factory job until Hitler put so much pressure on the white man. And then Stalin kept up the pressure--" [ I was learning under fire how the press, when it wants to, can twist, and slant.

Muhammad said he wanted us to try our best not to publicly counterattack the black "leaders" because one of the white man's tricks was keeping the black race divided and fighting against each other.

Muhammad said that this had traditionally kept the black people from achieving the unity which was the worst need of the black race in America. Muhammad and the Nation of Islam until it began to appear as though we were afraid to speak out against these "important" Negroes.

Muhammad's patience wore thin. And with his nod, I began returning their fire. This modern, twentieth-century Uncle Thomas now often wears a top hat. He's usually well-dressed and well-educated. He's often the personification of culture and refinement.

The twentieth-century Uncle Thomas sometimes speaks with a Yale or Harvard accent. This twentieth-century Uncle Thomas is a professional Negro. They reacted to the truth about themselves even more hotly than the devilish white man. Now their "institutional" indictments of us began. Instead of "leaders" speaking as themselves, for themselves, now their weighty name organizations attacked Mr.

Every one of those "Negro progress" organizations had the same composition. Black "leaders" were out in the public eye-to be seen by the Negroes for whom they were supposed to be fighting the white man. But obscurely, behind the scenes, was a white boss - a president, or board chairman, or some other title, pulling the real strings.

LifeLookNewsweek and Time reported us. Some newspaper chains began to run not one story, but a series of three, four, or five "exposures" of the Nation of Islam. The Reader's Digest with its worldwide circulation of twenty-four million copies in thirteen languages carried an article titled "Mr. Muhammad Speaks," by the writer to whom I am telling this book; and that led off other major monthly magazines' coverage of us.

I was to be confronted by handpicked scholars, both whites and some of those Ph. Every day, I was more incensed with the general misrepresentation and distortion of Mr. Muhammad's teachings; I truly think that not once did it cross my mind that previously I never had been inside a radio or television station - let alone faced a microphone to audiences of millions of people.

Prison debating had been my only experience speaking to anyone but Muslims. In the prison debating, I had learned tricks to upset my opponents, to catch them where they didn't expect to be caught. I knew there were bound to be tricks I didn't know anything about in arguing on the air. Muhammad and his teachings. The devils and black Ph. They would even be trying to act friendly toward me - we all knowing they had asked me there to try and beat out my brains.

They would offer me coffee. I would tell them "No, thanks," to please just tell me where was I supposed to sit. Sometimes the microphone sat on the table before you, at other times a smaller, cylindrical microphone was hung on a cord around your neck.

From the start, I liked those microphones better; I didn't have to keep constantly aware of my distance from a microphone on the table. It would be something like '-- and we have with us today the fiery, angry chief Malcolm X of the New York Muslims. At home, or driving my car, I practiced until I could interrupt a radio or television host and introduce myself.

Elijah Muhammadthe spiritual head of the fastest-growing group of Muslims in the Western Hemisphere. We who follow him know that he has been divinely taught and sent to us by God Himself. We believe that the miserable plight of America's twenty million black people is the fulfillment of divine prophecy. We also believe the presence today in America of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, his teachings among the so-called Negroes, and his naked warning to America concerning her treatment of these so-called Negroesis all the fulfillment of divine prophecy.

Muhammadat me, and at the Nation of Islam. Those "integration" -mad Negroes - you know what they jumped on. Why couldn't Muslims see that "integration" was the answer to American Negroes' problems? I'd try to rip that to pieces. No sane white man really wants integration! No sane black man really believes that the white man ever will give the black man anything more than token integration.

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The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that for the black man in America the only solution is complete separation from the white man! I was developing the technique then.

And the only way the black people caught up in this society can be saved is not to integrate into this corrupt society, but to separate from it, to a land of our own, where we can reform ourselves, lift up our moral standards, and try to be godly. The Western world's most learned diplomats have failed to solve this grave race problem. Her learned legal experts have failed. Her sociologists have failed. Her civil leaders have failed. Her fraternal leaders have failed.

Since all of these have failed to solve this race problem, it is time for us to sit down and reason! I am certain that we will be forced to agree that it takes God Himself to solve this grave racial dilemma. I would explain the difference. We reject segregation even more militantly than you say you do!

We want separationwhich is not the same! The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that segregation is when your life and liberty are controlled, regulated, by someone else. To segregate means to control. Segregation is that which is forced upon inferiors by superiors. But separation is that which is done voluntarily, by two equals for the good of both!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that as long as our people here in America are dependent upon the white man, we will always be begging him for jobs, food, clothing, and housing. And he will always control our lives, regulate our lives, and have the power to segregate us.

The Negro here in America has been treated like a child. A child stays within the mother until the time of birth! When the time of birth arrives, the child must be separated, or it will destroy its mother and itself.

The mother can't carry that child after its time. The child cries for and needs its own world! I never tried to take any credit for myself.

black muslims meet white muslim flag

It is a miracle that 22 million black people have not risen up against their oppressors-in which they would have been justified by all moral criteria, and even by the democratic tradition! It is a miracle that a nation of black people has so fervently continued to believe in a turn-the-othercheek and heaven-for-you-after-you-die philosophy! It is a miracle that the American black people have remained a peaceful people, while catching all the centuries of hell that they have caught, here in white man's heaven!

The miracle is that the white man's puppet Negro 'leaders,' his preachers and the educated Negroes laden with degrees, and others who have been allowed to wax fat off their black poor brothers, have been able to hold the black masses quiet until now. Eric Lincoln's book was published amid widening controversy about us Muslims, at just about the time we were starting to put on our first big mass rallies.

Lincoln's book was titled The Black Muslims in America. The press snatched at that name. Muhammad on down, the name "Black Muslims" distressed everyone in the Nation of Islam. I tried for at least two years to kill off that "Black Muslims. We are black peoplehere in America. Our religion is Islam.

We are properly called 'Muslims'! Muhammadnow, from East Coast Temples -- the older Temples as well as the new ones that all of the massive publicity had helped to bring into being -- as many asand even as many as big, chartered buses rolled the highways to wherever Mr. Muhammad was going to speak. On each bus, two Fruit of Islam men were in charge. Big three-by-nine-foot painted canvas banners hung on the buses' sides, to be read by the highway traffic and thousands of people at home and on the sidewalks of the towns the buses passed through.

Muhammad with his personal jet plane from Chicago. From the airport to the rally ball, Mr. Muhammad's motorcade had a siren-screaming police escort.

Law agencies once had scoffed at our Nation as "black crackpots", now they took special pains to safeguard against some "white crackpots" causing any "incidents" or "accidents. To hear Elijah Muhammadup to ten thousand and more black people poured from public and private transportation to overflow the big halls we rented, such as the St.

And that brought us new attacks from the white man and his black puppets. Across America, whites barring blacks was standard. We always had to wire up outside loudspeakers. An electric atmosphere excited the great, shifting masses of black people. The long lines, three and four abreast, funneling to the meeting hall, were kept in strict order by Fruit of Islam men communicating by walkie-talkie.

In anterooms just inside the halls, more Fruit of Islam men and white-gowned, veiled mature Muslim sisters thoroughly searched every man, woman, and child seeking to enter. Any alcohol and tobacco had to be checked, and any objects which could possibly be used to attempt to harm Mr. He always seemed deathly I afraid that some one would harm him, and he insisted that everyone be searched to forestall this. Today I understand better, why. Some were detailed as ushers, who seated the people by designated sections.

The balconies and the rear half of the main floor were filled with black people of the general public. Ahead of them were the all-Muslim seating sections -- the white-garbed beautiful black sistersand the dark-suited, white-shirted brothers. A special section near the front was for black so-called "dignitaries. Among them were our black puppet and parrot attackers, the intellectuals and professional Negroes over whom Mr. Muhammad grieved so much, for these were the educated ones who should have been foremost in leading their poor black brothers out of the maze of misery and want.

We wanted them to miss not a single syllable of the truths from Mr. America's black writers should hold a banquet for Mr. Writing about the Nation of Islam was the path to success for most of the black writers who now are recognized. Some of the ministers had come hundreds of miles to be present.

We would be turning about in our chairs, beaming with smiles, wringing each other's hands, and exchanging "As-Salaam-Alaikum" and "Wa-Alaikum-Salaam" in our genuine deep rejoicing to see each other again.

Muhammad 's service for the first time, there were several new ministers of small new Temples. My brothers Wilfred and Philbert were respectively now the ministers of the Detroit and Lansing Temples. Minister Jeremiah X headed Atlanta's Temple. Some of our ministers had unusual backgrounds. The Washington, D C. Minister David X was previously the minister of a Richmond, Virginia, Christian church; he and enough of his congregation had become Muslims so that the congregation split and the majority turned the church into our Richmond Temple.

Muhammad most of the represented temples. Greeting each of these Temples' brother ministers would bring back into my mind images of "fishing" for converts along the streets and from door-to-door wherever the black people were congregated.