Is there any way to meet god

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is there any way to meet god

Standing on the church pulpit, dressed in my Sunday best, with the congregation staring up at me. “Let us pray ” It was how I started every. How to Find God. If you feel a yearning to connect with your god, this will give you some tips on how to make your first steps toward finding out who your god. The prophet here shows us how there is a great staircase which we ourselves and keep any man in, contact with God, and loving fellowship with Him, is the.

A power was let loose that shook the parish from centre to circumference. They were lifted out of the ordinary into the extraordinary. They knew that God had visited them and neither they nor their parish could ever be the same again. They saw the churches crowded and the youth and the community flocking into the churches.

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Duncan Campbell was invited to come and speak to them. When he arrived in the parish church it was packed out, with hundreds waiting outside. No one could explain where they had come from. Within ten minutes of the service starting, men and woman were crying out to God. They were meeting with God in all his holiness.

is there any way to meet god

How do you and I meet with God? Awesome privilege Psalm He ends with a reminder that God is a glorious King.

8 Steps to Meeting God in Silence and Solitude

The answer is only those who are totally pure: Yet, we know that no one lives like this. Lord, I want to meet with you today. Show me whether my hands are clean and my heart is pure. Thank you that through the blood of Jesus I can be made holy.

is there any way to meet god

Forgive me, cleanse me and fill me again with your Spirit. Act of faith Mark 5: We see in this passage how Jesus responded to people in these situations. In the New Testament, we have the extraordinary sense of people meeting God through Jesus. St John 1 John 1: People who came into contact with Jesus seemed to have a sense of coming into the presence of a holy God. This woman had suffered from a chronic disease for twelve years, which was incurable at that time v.

is there any way to meet god

Contact with Jesus had a profound impact on people. The pain of the past twelve years is replaced by peace and freedom. Whatever you are struggling with in your life and however long it has been going on, like this woman, reach out to Jesus for help.

When Jesus arrived, there was anything but an atmosphere of faith. There was a commotion and wailing.

is there any way to meet god

God, like man, is known by His 'fruits. Lay hold of the clue of His acts, and it leads you straight into His heart. But the act of acts, in which the whole Godhead concurs, in which all its depths and preciousness are concentrated, like wine in a golden cup, is the incarnation and life and death of Jesus Christ our Lord.

There, and not in the thoughts of our own hearts nor the tremors of our own consciences, nor in the enigmatical witness of Providence -- which is enigmatical until it is interpreted in the light of the Incarnation and the Crucifixion -- there we see most clearly the 'ways' of God, the beaten, trodden path by which He is wont to come forth out of the thick darkness into which no speculation can peer an inch, and walk amongst men.

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The cross of Christ, and, subordinately, His other dealings with us, as interpreted thereby, is the 'way of the Lord,' from everlasting to everlasting. And it is by a loving gaze upon that 'way' that we learn to know Him for what He is. It is there, and there only, that the thick darkness passes into glorious light. It is at that point alone that the closed circle of the Infinite nature of Deity opens so as that a man can press into the very centre of the glory, and feel himself at home in the blaze.

It is 'those that remember Thee in Thy ways,' and especially in that way of righteousness and peace, the way of the cross -- it is they who have built the first flight of the solemn staircase that leads up from the lownesses and darknesses of earth into the loftinesses and lights of heaven.

But note that word 'Remember,' for it suggests the warning that such contemplation of the ways of the Lord will not be realised by us without effort.

How to Meet with God

We shall forget, assuredly, unless we earnestly try to 'remember. Unless you try to remember, you will certainly forget.

Many voices preach to-day many duties for Christians. Let me plead for times of quiet, for times of 'doing' nothing, for fruitful times of growth, for times when we turn all the rout and rabble of earthly things, and even the solemn company of pressing duties, out of our hearts and thoughts, and shut up ourselves alone with God.

Be sure you will never build even the first step of the staircase unless you know what it is to go into the secret place of the Most High, and, alone with God, to summon to 'the sessions of sweet, silent thought' His ways, and especially Him who is 'the Way,' both of God to us, and of us to God.

8 Steps to Meeting God in Silence and Solitude

Now, the second flight of this great staircase is pointed out in the first clause of my text: The excitement, and often the impure elements, that mingle with what the world calls 'joy,' are such as to shut Him out from us.

But there is a gladness which comes from the contemplation of Him as He is, and as He is known by His 'ways' to be, which brings us very near to God, and God very near to us.

is there any way to meet god

It is that joy which was spoken of in an earlier part of this context: I do not think that the ordinary type of modern Christianity is half joyful enough. And I think that we have largely lost the very thought that gladness is a plain Christian duty, to be striven after in the appropriate manner which my text suggests, and certainly to be secured if we seek it in the right way. We all know how outward cares, and petty annoyances, and crushing sorrows, and daily anxieties, and the tear and wear of work, and our own restlessness and ungovernableness, and the faults that still haunt our lives, and sometimes make us feel as if our Christianity was all a sham -- how all these things are at enmity with joy in God.

But in face of them all, I would echo the old grand words of the epistle of gladness written by the apostle in prison, and within hail of his death: The third stage is working righteousness because of such joy.