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meet hiro hamada x

Read story Big Hero 6: Hiro Hamada x Reader: Meeting You For The First Time ( Part 3) by MissBigHero6 (Rhiannon Taylor or Mipsy) with 61 reads. Happy Holidays:) (Hiro Hamada x Reader) "Nice to meet you! You slowly made your way out and you met Mckenna at the front of the car. Rated: Fiction T - English - Family - Penny, Aunt Cass, Hiro Hamada, It was very rare to meet someone's long lost twin and even rarer to meet.

It is my life. I've never written a Reader x fanfic before, so we will see how this turns out Hope you all enjoy: You may each take a peace and use them to relieve some stress before we begin this years final. You two had been best friends since the very first day of freshman year.

meet hiro hamada x

You came from a Charter school that was K-8, the people at the highschool had already made their cliques in middle school, technically making you an outcast in this new community.

You unenthusiastically walked over to your homeroom group in the back corner of the gym. You seemed kind of alone so I decided to come and talk to you! It was already the end of first semester of senior year. You reached your hand in the kleenex box and retrieved two pieces of the genius invention. You walked backed to your seat, waving the bubble wrap and smiling at Mckenna. She smiled back as you sat down.

You both giggled as you popped the bubble wrap before the menacing chemistry final ahead of you. You began to daydream of how great your winter break is going to be after this final.

No grades to worry about, no school drama, and just a break from reality. Mckenna was looking at you with confusion and glanced down to your final and back up at you raising your eyebrows. You realized that you were supposed to start your final five minutes ago, you must've just been staring into space I've always been good at science, but when it comes to chemistry, my skills start to diminish.

I sped through the test and realized there was still 20 minutes left of class. I absolutely hate being the first one done, so I decided to take the responsibility of rechecking my answers, realizing that I actually would have missed quite a few of them. Sighing, I set down my pencil and got out of my seat, strolling up to the front and putting my test and scantron in their designated piles. I sat back down in my seat and noticed there were five minutes left until the bell rang, signaling the beginning of two weeks of freedom.

I started to go back into my daydreaming as I awaited the five minutes to pass A loud shrill filled my ears, causing me to jump. I gave Kenna a high five and we giddily skipped through the crowded hallways of the school. Once we reached the outdoors, I realized that it was significantly colder outside, gray clouds had moved over the city threatening to snow.

I clenched my arms together and booked it to Mckennas car in the front row of the student parking lot. We both hopped in shivering from the cold outside air. I swiftly plugged in my jams and chose "You and I" by Da Tweekaz if you like techno, check it out. Mckenna sped out of the parking lot, trying to beat the other sleepy highschoolers that would soon be heading to Starbucks to get some delicious coffee. She just asked a boy out.

Technically she just asked him for a favor but that's still the same right? This would've been easy if this was someone from the studio, or even her annoying agent but asking this random boy was really a first for her.

Hiro took a deep breath, he remembered what Tadashi told him to calm his nerves. She frantically searched for a topic as they walked outside the arcade. She doesn't even know what to talk to him about. She wasn't ready for this. How she wished a script would be handed to her right this instant. Then she remembered the boy's name, Hiro. I sure wish Hollywood would emulate that kind of thinking. That will be the day. Maybe how you suddenly asked me to tour you around.

Hiro was suspicious of how defensive she was but still decided to let the matter go. If his hunch was correct, then she wanted a life without the glamour and fame that her job had for her. He could understand that. It'd be nice if she really was around his age. A year younger, he figured it was close enough.

She was the first acquaintance that didn't look at him with jealousy and envy. She was the firstacquaintance that didn't know who he was, maybe he can be himself, no expectations to meet, no pressure to worry about. Sometime later Penny and Hiro were inside a food store, a snack bar of some sorts. They had just placed and retrieved their orders from the counter and were sitting at the table by the entrance.

meet hiro hamada x

Hiro noticed the wall clock by the counter and it was already seven in the evening. Time flies by so fast when you were having fun. But I can manage really. They talked for a while as they waited for the bus to arrive and take Penny to the hotel she and her family was staying at.

Hiro continued to watch until the bus was out of his sight. Truth be told, this was a great day overall, despite the fact that his professor dumped a major load of assignments and projects on him to be submitted by next week. As soon as Hiro began to walk home, his phone rang. He retrieved his holo-phone and noticed that his older brother was calling him. Hiro pocketed his holo-phone and leaned on a post as he waited for his older brother.

Time passed and for the duration of the week, Penny and Hiro kept meeting each other without meaning too. They bumped into each other at the same arcade the next day after their first meeting, the next day they ran into each other at a park.

Each of those days ended up with Hiro being Penny's tour guide. Both kids didn't mind it one bit. They were enjoying each other's company. It was Friday and both kids bumped into each other at the pier. Penny was just there to pass the time while Hiro had an errand to run. After the boy finished his errand he once again became the girl's tour guide. Hiro blushed in embarrassment at the girl's words. He hadn't meant it like that. It was just an observation he made and connected to an old Japanese cultural belief.

Penny sighed as gathered courage and admit something to Hiro. And so both children exchanged numbers and bid their farewells to each other. Three months has passed and both Hiro and Penny were sitting inside a children's park. Catching up with each other.

Probably the same reason as you do. College Man at The kids were laughing genuinely at the cards they were given. They were laughing at the fact that they felt disadvantageous despite their fame. Their laughter was interrupted when Hiro's phone rang. He looked at the phone and noticed that it was already late. It was already nine in the evening and as expected his brother was worried.

I'm just waiting for her to go back to the hotel.

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Aunt Cass said that she'll make sure she gets back to the hotel. Hiro just stared at his phone with a dumbfounded expression. He couldn't understand what was up with his older brother. Shouldn't he be happy that he found a friend all on his own? It was indeed news to him that his brother found a new friend on his own. He's proud and very happy that Hiro was able to gain a new friend without his help, but he can't help but feel suspicious of his little brother's new friend.

Hiro indeed pouted and ignored his brother for a day three months ago. It was because of the accusation that he want back botfighting. Tadashi supposed that Hiro was just pouting to prove a point that he really wasn't going back to his old hobby. Hiro and his newfound friend would arrive soon. Penny was hiding behind Hiro, she was sneaking a glance at Tadashi from the younger Hamada's back.