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meet ricky gervais imdb orange

See Ricky Gervais's contact, representation, publicist, and legal information. Explore Ricky Gervais's credits, follow attached in-development titles, and track. "The Ricky Gervais Show" is one of the funniest, most clever and brilliant show .. If you're a fan of friends, how I met your mother, Big Bang theory and the like . Ricky Dene Gervais was born in a suburb of Reading, Berkshire, to Eva Sophia ( House) and Meet Ricky Gervais (TV Series) (writer - 6 episodes).

Halpert is based upon Tim Canterburyand is known to have feelings for Pam, the receptionist. She is shy, but in many cases a cohort with Jim in his pranks on Dwight. Novak portrays Ryan Howardwho for the first two seasons is a temporary worker but is promoted to sales representative in the third season. He later ascends to the position of vice president, North East Region and director of new media until his treachery was exposed for corporate fraud and he was fired.

After this, he gets a job in a bowling alley and then briefly works for the Michael Scott Paper Company. After all this, and a stint in rehab, he eventually ends up again as the temporary worker at the Scranton branch. Rounding out the office are the stern salesman Stanley Hudson Leslie David Bakerwho barely stood for Michael's constant references to his Black American heritage he also doesn't like to take part in time-wasting meetings and sometimes sleeps in them or works on crossword puzzles ; eccentric quality assurance representative Creed Bratton Creed Bratton ; the shy and matronly saleswoman Phyllis Lapin Phyllis Smithwho marries Bob Vance Robert R.

meet ricky gervais imdb orange

Toward the end of season five, the bubbly and naive Erin Hannon Ellie Kemper is introduced as Pam's replacement at reception following Pam's short stint at the Michael Scott Paper Company and her subsequent move to sales. A story arc at the end of season four has Holly Flax Amy Ryan transferred to the office as Toby's replacement.

She acts as a love interest for Michael, as they share very similar personalities.

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In season seven, Bennett's friend Nellie Bertram Catherine Tate is interviewed to replace Scott, and later serves as a replacement regional manager for Bernard in season eight. In season nine Clark Green Clark Duke and Pete Miller Jake Lacy joined as two new customer service representatives to attempt to catch up on the ignored customer services complaints that Kelly had dismissed while she worked at Dunder Mifflin. Clark is later moved to sales.

Initially the actors who portray the other office workers were credited as guest stars before they were named series regulars during the second season. List of The Office episodes A typical episode for a half-hour time slot runs and-a-half minutes.

The series starts by introducing the office's workers via a tour given by the branch manager Michael Scott for both the camera crew and a first-day temp Ryan Howard. News spreads throughout the office that Dunder Mifflin's corporate headquarters is planning to downsize an entire branch, leading to general anxiety, but Michael chooses to deny or downplay the realities of the situation in order to maintain employee morale.

Many workers seen in the background of the first season are developed into secondary characters, and romantic relationships begin to develop between some of the characters. Michael makes out with and then spends the night with his boss Jan, but does not have sex with her. Kelly develops a crush on Ryan, and they start dating. When Roy sets a date for his wedding to Pam, [65] at a company booze cruise party, Jim grows depressed and considers transferring to the Stamford, Connecticut branch, but tells Pam in the season finale that he loves her.

Even though Pam still insists she will marry Roy, the two kiss and Jim transfers to the Stamford branch soon after. The season starts with a brief flashback to the last episode of season 2, "Casino Night", when Jim kissed Pam and confessed his feelings for her. Jim briefly transfers to Stamford branch after Pam confirms her commitment to Roy.

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Corporate is later forced to merge the Stamford branch and staff into the Scranton branch. Included in the transfer to Scranton are Karen Filippelliwith whom Jim has developed a relationship, and the anger-prone Andy Bernard.

The rest of the Stamford branch are irrelevant considering they all quit within the first few episodes of them being there. Pam is newly single after calling off her marriage and relationship to Roy prior to the merger, and Jim's unresolved feelings for her and his new relationship with Karen lead to shifting tensions amongst the three.

Meanwhile, Michael and Jan's relationship escalates which causes them both to behave erratically on the job.

meet ricky gervais imdb orange

On the other hand, Dwight and Angela continue their steamy secret relationship. In the season's finaleJim, Karen, and Michael interview for a corporate position that turns out to be Jan's, who is fired that day for poor performance.

Jim wins and rejects the offer off-screen, [68] opting instead to return to Scranton without Karen and ask Pam out on a date, which she joyfully accepts. In the final scene, we learn Ryan has been awarded Jan's job due to his business school credentials. Karen has left the Scranton branch after her breakup with Jim and becomes regional manager at the Utica branch.

After Dwight's crude though well-intentioned method of euthanasia of Angela's ailing cat without her permission, [74] she leaves him for Andy, leading Dwight into depression. Ryan, in his new corporate life in New York City, attempts to modernize Dunder Mifflin with a new website for online sales; he also learns that his boss, David Wallacefavors Jim, and thus Ryan attempts to sabotage Jim's career.

Ryan is soon arrested and fired for misleading the shareholders and committing fraud related to the website's sales numbers. Toby announces he is moving to Costa Ricaand is replaced by Holly Flaxwho quickly shows a liking for Michael. Pam decides to follow her artistic interests and attends a three-month graphic design course at the Pratt Institute in New York City.

In the season finale, Jim almost proposes to Pam, but is interrupted by Andy proposing to Angela, who reluctantly agrees. Phyllis then catches Dwight and Angela having sex in the office.

Pam ultimately returns from New York to Scranton, where Jim has bought his parents' house for the two of them.

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Having avoided jail and only been sentenced to community service, Ryan dyes his hair and starts working for a bowling alley. Michael initiates a romance with Holly until she is transferred to the Nashua, New Hampshirebranch and the relationship ends. Picture the "Howard Stern Show" in its heyday, not nowmixed in with "Dr. Katz" with its animated flights of fancya touch of Steven Wright the bizarre concepts and insane "logic"and a speck of Peter Sellers of "Being There" — only funnier.

TRGS might just be one of the best comedy series ever, or at the very least the best animated series of all times.

The Ricky Gervais Show

Hugely original, totally unpredictable except the "Monkey News", but that's the whole pointand refreshingly pointless. Some people make the inane case for the original podcasts being better than their animated version because "one is left to one's own imagination".

That is a ludicrous argument, the kind of idealistic babble that you might have heard from your apathetic English professor at school. Using that "logic", every good movie or TV show should be only heard, not seen, so that the viewer's experience doesn't get "impinged" by someone else's subjective visual imprint of the events. Using this "logic", perhaps famous paintings should be described but never seen, so that the art-lovers "get to use their own imagination instead of someone else's".

There's always someone to split hairs and nit-pick, even when an idea is totally flawless. HBO's animation is imaginative, funny, colourful, spot-on brilliant, adding a whole new dimension of fun to the "bare bones" of the original broadcasts. The animators added a plethora of great new visual gags to the already existing top-notch material — so it mystifies me that anyone could possibly have a bone to pick with that.

The drawing style is simple yet effective; the decision to go for a cheerful look as opposed to a grotesque i. Is Karl a moron? I've already largely covered that in my "An Idiot Abroad" comment.

Suffice it to say that Karl is weird rather than unintelligent, certainly an original thinker in the broad sense of the term. Ricky calls him a "strange little creature", and that is a far more appropriate description of the round-headed fella than the somewhat crass "buffoon" label he gets in the opening credits.

meet ricky gervais imdb orange

Pilkington is a very likable person, mellow and non-aggressive in his intentions except when it comes to kicking a duck's buttliving in his own little world which he luckily recounts in his ridiculous diaryand not every analysis he makes is daft. He jumps to conclusions, he tends to believe whatever suits him rather than what makes sensehis general knowledge is poor but so is that of much of the massesand his wishful thinking gets the better of him in most cases which makes him no different than most people, actually.

That particular affliction - wishful thinking — is something Ricky Gervais exhibits too. Ricky refers to himself as a "liberal"; left-wingers base their philosophies on wishful thinking, fearing to face a science-based politically-incorrect ugly reality that doesn't often go hand-in-hand with their idealistic notions of an eventual "perfect world" that they so desperately want to believe in.

In an ideal world, unguided by commercial restraints, this show would be called "The Karl Pilkington Show"; in fact, Gervais had said something to this effect. After all, Gervais isn't just some random run-of-the-mill comedian who lucked out, i. Watch "Fame", "Animals", or "Out of England", and you can't go wrong.

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