Provincial meet 2014 sepak takraw images

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provincial meet 2014 sepak takraw images

The Southeast Asian game of sepak takraw, sometimes also called chinlone or simply Asia Sports Ventures / Action Images via Reuters session at a gymnasium in Pathum Thani province, Thailand, on August 9, Games at the Bucheon Gymnasium in Incheon, South Korea, on October 3, The Guardian's picture editors bring you a selection of the best photographs from Sepak Takraw - ISTAF Super Series Myanmar - Myanmar - 31/10 . session with attendees of a high-level meeting at the President's resident office the anniversary of the founding of Morona Santiago Province. 16 and under division for Secondary (Grades 7 to 10) provided they will meet the age Scanned pictures must be printed in photo paper. Scrabble, Sipa/ Sepak Takraw, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Taekwondo Competitions will be held at the City/Provincial Sports Complex. .. Most Outstanding Athletes.

The net shall be 0. The net shall be edged on both sides along the sideline edges from top to bottom with 0. The net shall also be edged with at least 0. The top of the net shall be 1. The Sepak Takraw ball shall be spherical, made up of one woven layer of synthetic fiber, or any other ISTAF approved materials, having 12 holes and 20 intersections.

For men, the ball circumference shall not be less than 41 cm, or For women, the ball circumference shall not be less than 42 cm, or For men, the weight of the ball before play shall not be less than g, or 6 oz.

For women, the ball weight before play shall not be less than g, or 5. The ball can be a plain singular color, multi-colored, or made of luminous colors, but not of any color that will impair the performance of the players.

Doubles - Regu Event 5. Doubles - Team Event 5. All equipment used by players must be appropriate for Sepak Takraw.

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Safety and fairness are the priorities. In case of cold weather, players are permitted to wear tracksuits. A player must be assigned only one 1 permanent number, from 1 to 36 only, to be used throughout a tournament. Playing shirts may also carry a sponsor logo on the front of the playing shirt, subject always to the applicable tournament regulations.

No other commercial identification other than a manufacturer logo may appear on any player attire.

provincial meet 2014 sepak takraw images

Substitution of a player is allowed at any time on request made by the Team Manager or Coach to the Court Referee when the ball is not in play.

Each Regu will be allowed to make a substitution for an injured player on the court provided their TWO substitutions have NOT been made earlier in the set.

ONE Court Referee, who sits at a table behind the Match Referee, watches the match closely in a general sense and looks out for anything out of the ordinary i. The Court Referee has the final word on any dispute during a match. ONE Match Referee, who sits on a high chair beside the pole overlooking the net eye level being about 2 feet above neta couple feet out from side, is the person who basically controls the flow of the game. The critical area to watch closely is the action over the net.

TWO Lines Judges, who STAND at opposite and adjacent corners of the court from each other at least 10 feet out from the corner of court watching mainly the end zone, but also the sideline closest to them, for whether or not balls land in or out of bounds.

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They stand so that if need be they can quickly move out of the way of oncoming balls and not interfere with a player who is attempting to bring the ball back into play. Immediately before the start of a match, the Court Referee will conduct a coin toss in the presence of the opposing captains. The winner of the coin toss may elect to either a serve or receive, or b choose which side of the court to start the match from.

The loser makes the remaining choice. Only 3 persons are allowed to move freely on the court during the warm up.

At the start of play, the players of both Regus must be in their respective courts in a ready position. The opponent or Receiving Regu is free to be anywhere within their court. The Regu that serves first according to the toss decision shall start the first set and serve for the first three 3 points, followed by the other side serving for three 3 consecutive points. Both sides alternate serving in this way after every three 3 points, regardless of which side wins a point.

provincial meet 2014 sepak takraw images

When the score is tiedor deuce, the serve shall alternate between opposing sides on every point. In Bangkokmurals at Wat Phra Kaeo which was built indepict the Hindu god Hanuman playing sepak takraw in a ring with a troop of monkeys.

provincial meet 2014 sepak takraw images

Other historical accounts mention the game earlier during the reign of King Naresuan — of Ayutthaya. The game remained in its circle form for hundreds of years, and the modern version of sepak takraw began taking shape in Thailand sometime during the early s.

In the Siam Sports Association drafted the first rules for takraw competition.

provincial meet 2014 sepak takraw images

Within just a few years, takraw was introduced to the curriculum in Siamese schools. It is a popular sport played by children in Philippines, this is their national sport.

As the sport developed, the animal hide and chicken feathers were eventually replaced by balls made of woven strips of rattan. Canada It was the Laotian people who first brought Sepak Takraw into Canada when they immigrated as refugees in the s. Its office was set up in Regina, SK, where there are experienced players and organisational support, and where it could share the resources and office space of the already established ASEC International, a committee from which has now become Sepak Takraw Saskatchewan Inc.

Engel has found himself to be in demand, introducing the sport and conducting Sepak Takraw Skills Clinics in Schools and Sessions at Phys. Japan A Japan team composed of university students debuted—along with the sports itself—at the Asian Games in Beijing. While there are no professional teams in Japan, colleges such as Asia UniversityChiba UniversityWaseda University and Keio University have formed their own teams.

provincial meet 2014 sepak takraw images

In the early 80s, Southeast Asians held soccer tournaments that had takraw events in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and California, especially within the Lao, Hmong and Thai communities. They taught a handful of curious American students how to play, which in turn inspired the Malaysian Airline system to sponsor a U. The Northrop team played in a bracket of international new teams with Korea, Sri Lanka, and Australia. The traveller told Sonderegger that the ball was from Thailand and gave him the ball as a gift.

Sonderegger was a soccer fan, and takraw had an immediate appeal to him. On a whim, Sonderegger booked a trip to Thailand to find out more. While in Thailand, Sonderegger discovered the actual sport of sepak takraw and was hooked. Sonderegger moved to Los Angeles, founded the United States Takraw Association, and started a business that sold plastic takraw balls. Inhe was sent an invitation from the International Sepak Takraw Federation, and Sonderegger along with a few of the Northrop group traveled to represent the United States in the World Championships.

The team was beaten badly but the takraw world was enchanted with the fact that non-Asian teams had competed at the World Championships. There two types of event categories: The regu category is played by three players on each team while the doubles regu is played by two players on each team.

Expressions Takraw is the Thai word for the hand-woven rattan ball originally used in the game. Court Sepak Takraw court diagram The sepak takraw sport is played on a similar to badminton double sized court. The width of the lines bounding the court should not be more than 4 centimetres 1.

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All the boundary lines should be drawn at least 3. At the corner of each at the center line, the quarter circle shall be drawn from the sideline to the center line with a radius of 0. The service circle of 0. Similar to a volleyball net. The net shall be edged with 0. The top of the net shall be 1.

The ball can be in plain single colour, multi-colour, and luminous colours, but not in any colour that will impair the performance of the players.