Wang li ren if we meet again song

If We Meet Again Wang Li Ren Lyrics

wang li ren if we meet again song

Mando-pop Songs · 王笠人– 如果我們再相遇致,第三者~ Wang Li Ren, If We Meet Again (To the Dearest Intruder). Posted on 想說好多話可不知從何說起Many words I want to say but don't know where to start from 幻想每一個. When Yan Hao sees Shao Qing again, he realizes that he is with the wrong woman. Can he make things . Wang Li Ren - If We Meet Again Lyrics Translation. 想說好多話 可不知從何 This is the full song of: (韋禮安) Weibird. To the Dearest Intruder is a Taiwanese television series created and produced by Eastern Opening theme, If We Meet Again 如果我們再相遇 by Wang Li Ren 王笠人 Song Jia An and Luo Shao Qing are best friends in college.

Although raised in New York for most of his life, living in Taiwan made Wang realize the deep roots of his Chinese heritage. Forever's First Day yielded a cover of his uncle's signature song " Descendants of the Dragon "; Wang re-arranged the song with heavier rock and dance elements. The song also included a rap bridge that summarized experiences of his parents living as a Chinese American in New York.

Selling over 1 million units in Asia, the rock-inspired album won him over seven different prestigious awards throughout and The album's title single "The One and Only" peaked No.

Wang also began filming several Japanese films, establishing his rising star status in Japan.

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Eager to experience and perform different musical genres, Wang embarked on his first Asia-wide concert tour The Unbelievable Tour a few months before the release of his ninth album Unbelievable His concert tour received great reviews from both fans and music critics; they were impressed and shocked with his new-found hip hop image. The album marked a milestone in his musical career; his new image received international critical acclaim and the album a chart-topping success, selling over 1.

A celebratory version of the album was released three months later, also becoming a chart-topping album. The album's ballad "You're Not Here" also experienced international success, ranking No. Chinked-out —06 SinceWang became known for his brand of China Wind musicknown as "chinked-out".

Having established himself as one of the most important, influential, and prolific artists in Chinese music, Wang continued to invent and experiment with new sounds and voices. Wang continued to infuse chinked-out elements into his next album Heroes of Earth Heroes of Earth was the fastest-selling album of both andselling over 1 million copies ten days after its release. Subsequently, the album stayed as No. Three months after the release of Heroes of Earth, he began the Heroes of Earth Tour, his first major world tour.

The concert commenced with two shows per night in the Taipei Dome in Marchbreaking Taiwan's concert attendance records. Wang took a break in working on his music to film Lust, Cautionan espionage thriller film directed by Ang Lee.

When asked about the sudden change of music style, Wang explained that the inspiration behind the song was due to the influence of his portrayal of Kuang Yumin in Lust, Caution. Lust, Caution made me return to 's Shanghai, re-living the moment.

The tour commenced with two shows per night in the Taipei Dome in Septemberthree months before the release of Wang's thirteenth studio album, Heart Beat. Heart Beat was released on December 26, [43] debuting at No.

Like Wang's previous album, Heart Beat showed a similar emphasis of rock influences. The album largely focused on guitar and electric guitar solos, which Wang also used for performances in most of the album's music videos.

Wanting to continue a similar "chinked-out" element, the album's first single, "What's Up with Rock?! For the track, he worked with pipa artist Liu Fangand the two concentrated on mixing both electric guitar elements and pipa strings into the song. However, I still have one class that has to be completed. My main aim is to just pass in every subject, not to get good or great results. So would you like to be a lawyer or a professional chess player?

Professional chess player, of course. Then why are you studying law? I was studying in class ten until It was only then that I decided to become a professional chess player. My parents think it's much better to learn something other than chess. I got the admission based on my chess achievements. It's a good chance to open my eyes to the world, to learn something new. Your parents wanted you to go university, but what about you? Do you enjoy it there?

Now I can say I enjoy my life at the University, but before the examination it is very hard. Also due to tournaments I would have to miss my classes. Usually my results are pretty good. Ding Liren with his room mate at the Peking university! Ding Liren's archives SS: What is the profession of your parents? My father is an electrical engineer and my mother is a nurse in a hospital. He is an only child. How did you start playing chess? It happened so early in my life that I do not remember it.

What I know is only from others and newspaper clippings that I have. I was four years old when my mother and their friends decided that their kids should learn chess. So they took us to a chess club. Wenzhou is a chess city in China. There is a good atmosphere to study chess here. I had the same initial coaches as Zhu Chen had. Chen Lixing was my first coach.

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He is very famous in the Wenzhou Chess Association. Follow the World Champion and your chess friend next door. Start your success story with ChessBase 14 and enjoy your chess even more! What was your initial success in the game? How did you get better at chess? It's the strongest tournament for teenagers.

I performed very well and won it every year. I played in all the age categories — under, 12, 14, and so on. I participated in this tournament until I was 18 or Little Liren after winning the Li Chengzhi Cup! Who were your biggest competitors in the Li Chengzhi Cup? Yu Yangyi and Wei Yi are currently the most upcoming players of China. They are all now in the range of And you have reached nearly I work hard and I love chess.

Not like Wang Hao! But he plays interesting games! Not like the normal video games that everyone plays. Normally people will play video games So, why don't you play video games?

I find them boring. That's why I can focus my time on chess. Also I am not into teaching others and spend more time on my chess improvement. I think Yu Yangyi, Wei Yi and me have the best chance to achieve more and have greater ambitions in chess. Like becoming the World Champion?

That's another story, that's a little far away. But we can break some records in the near future. But in the finals I did not perform well. If I would have won the World Cup, it would have been a convincing result.

But, making it to the Candidates is a big thing. Did you know you are only the second player after Vishy Anand from Asia to reach the Candidates.

wang li ren if we meet again song

What does a normal day in the life of Ding Liren look like when he is not going to the university? I don't like to make a plan for myself. I study chess when I feel like doing it.

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Usually I wake up at 9 or 10 a. I cannot really go to sleep early at night. After waking up and having my breakfast I go through the games that have been played yesterday. If I get some interesting games I go through them and try to analyze deeper. Once I am done seeing the latest games, it's usually time for lunch. After that I play chess games online and often also follow the live league games that are being played. I also like football, so if there is some match that is being played I watch them.

And before going to sleep I like to read a book or listen to some music. I think this is a normal day for me. What sort of music do you like? I like Chinese music, mainly folk songs.

wang li ren if we meet again song

I think their style is similar. What are some of the other sports that you like? I like football and basketball. I do not usually have a favourite player because quite often a club will sell them and it is difficult to follow them in a different club. I prefer to have teams as my favourite. Ding, do you have a girlfriend? She is a chess player, but not so strong. We do sometimes practice chess in Beijing. I do not wish to reveal her name.

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