Relationship between calorie and watt

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relationship between calorie and watt

Calculating calories (kcal) consumption for given wattages using a In fact the efficiency of cycling humans is between % (so your body's. Fat calories burned are a better measurement of exercise efficiency than Watts. Watt is a unit of power generated by the user during their exercise. Watts is a. A watt is a standard international unit of power. At Stages Cycling we choose NOT to think of calories as the enemy and in fact we're growing.

Useful Energy Relations Since I will discuss energy in many posts, it is worth spending a little time on units. One Joule is the same as a kilogram times meters-per-second squared.

The Difference Between Energy (kWh) and Power (kW)

Want a way to remember this? But one Joule is a small amount of energy. When an apple falls off a table, it hits the floor with about one Joule of energy. So we often use bigger units like Btu, kilocalorie, kilowatt-hour, etc. Before presenting conversions between units, we would do well to also understand power.

Calories Per Second to Watts | Kyle's Converter

Power is nothing more than the rate at which energy is used. The familiar unit, the Watt, is simply Joules per second. A W incandescent light bulb is spewing J of energy per second in the form of light and heat.

It does not make sense to talk of Watts per second or Watts per hour.

relationship between calorie and watt

Watts is already a speed of energy consumption, not an energy unit on its own. I like to think of power as being like what your speedometer tells you: The odometer is then the energy analog: Or if you think of energy as being like money, then power is the rate at which you spend or make money: We cover power here so that the widely used unit of energy called the kilowatt-hour can be understood.

relationship between calorie and watt

This is not kilowatts per hour, but kilowatts times hours. A kilowatt-hour is the amount of energy accumulated by running something at W for one hour seconds.

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  • 1 watt (W) = 0.24 calories per second (cal/sec)
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Or it could be watts for ten hours. In any case, it reduces to 3, J e.

power conversion

Logarithmic scale of energy units, and useful conversions. It will take the same amount of energy: Power, on the other hand, is how much energy gets used how quickly. It is a rate. To use an automotive analogy, it is equivalent to how fast you are driving.

Energy Units and Conversions

If you lift a can of soda to your mouth in one second, then you are exerting one Joule per second, also known as one Watt, of power. One thousand Watts is one kilowatt, abbreviated kW. If you use one kilowatt of power for an hour, you have used 1 kilowatt-hour, abbreviated kWh, of energy. One kilowatt-hour is equivalent to the energy of 1, joules used for 3, seconds or 3.

So if your building uses kWh each day, your building is consuming the same amount of energy that would be required to lift 18 billion cans of soda per day. A confusing aspect about kWh is that although MPG stands for miles per gallon, kWh stands for kilowatts times hours.