Relationship between thabo mbeki and moeletsi

Mbeki's policy on Aids attacked by younger brother - Telegraph

relationship between thabo mbeki and moeletsi

Dec 20, They share the same family name and august history of involvement in the but President Thabo Mbeki and his younger brother, Moeletsi, could not to the historically close links between the ANC and the trade unions has. Feb 22, Mbeki, brother of President Thabo Mbeki, told the Cape Argus that South Moeletsi Mbeki, who is deputy chairperson of the SA Institute of. Mar 11, Adding his voice to the debate has been Moeletsi Mbeki, whose well-known the son of Govan Mbeki and brother of former president, Thabo Mbeki. South Africa's relationship with China should be at the top of the agenda.

relationship between thabo mbeki and moeletsi

Great that the NEC intends on recalling Zuma. In so far as the economy is concerned -- in particular whether it can transform the lives and lot of jobless and poverty-stricken citizens -- Mbeki insists the ANC with or without Ramaphosa is still ultimately not fit for purpose.

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The more things change People think that somehow that disappeared in or even that it was created by apartheid in ," he said. The very design of the contemporary economy reflects more continuity than change, he argues, emphasising that the main driver of the economy from the genesis of British imperialism, through apartheid and into the present has been the exploitation and exporting of mineral resources, with less than desirable returns for the economy at large and at times harrowing consequences for workers.

relationship between thabo mbeki and moeletsi

People look at GDP and say mining is a few percent and then conclude it's small. The reality, according to my calculations, is that about 60 percent of our exports come from mining and probably another 5 percent to 10 percent from agriculture Why the ANC 'can't walk the talk' on economic transformation Industrialisation, or economic 'upgrading' away from a commodities-based economy, he said, is key to emerging from the clutches of an economy that produces few jobs, sheds many, and relegates millions to the periphery of prosperity.

Mbeki's assertion of what needs to be done to overhaul a largely exclusive economy, however, reads in part like the policy prescription of the party he says is incapable of the change it preaches.

relationship between thabo mbeki and moeletsi

The ANC's mantra of 'radical socioeconomic transformation' -- although repeatedly criticised as opaque -- includes in its broader definition an effort towards re-industrialising the economy: The ANC's transformation agenda, however, is mostly smoke and mirrors, Mbeki implied. People think that ANC programmes passed at Nasrec make any difference to how the economy works?

This is precisely what Mbeki told me a few weeks ago when I sat him down for an interview in Lonehill, in northern Johannesburg, at the offices of Endemol, the TV production company whose South African operation he chairs. He was in the news recently for comments he made at the Cape Town Press Club launch of his most recent book.

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In a speech in which he talked about the crisis of leadership in South Africa Mbeki reportedly told the group: We should stop obsessing about the ANC. We have to ask ourselves now: Who is the future of the country?

Their relationship is marked by both brotherly camaraderie and sibling rivalry. Gevisser in his book, cites the younger Mbeki saying about his older brother: To illustrate this, he told me a story he had seen on TV about a woman who had been burnt to death on suspicion of being a witch. Then in his thirties, he worked as an exiled journalist at the state weekly, The Sunday Mail, for a few years.

SA is going down, says Mbeki's brother

Beneath the urbane, well-spoken ideas man, lie the granite and angular edges of a businessman. When we turned to talk about corporate social responsibility on the Zambian copper belt the cold business streak in him became apparent.

I pointed out that the mines—presently riding the wave of a commodity boom—perhaps have a moral responsibility to electrify the houses of the villagers residing in the areas from which they extract the minerals. When one speaks or listens to Mbeki one is presented with hard facts, liberally spiced with anecdotes.

relationship between thabo mbeki and moeletsi

Still, he is highly rated by the corporates, universities and other institutions that consistently invite him to give lectures.