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Kabuliwala play brings out beauty of father-daughter relationship Solus Show, Lebeda Productions presented Kabuliwala, translated by Raakhee . No alliance with Congress without AIMIM on board: Prakash Ambedkar. Unlike his wife, Mini's father has no issues with Kabuliwalas. over the money he had saved for the marriage music band and lighting to Khan. Trace briefly the friendship of Mini and Rahamat in the story Kabuliwala from their first They no longer have the easy rapport of a little girl and her kabuliwala friend. 1 educator answer; "Kabuliwala" is a tale of human relationships and the.

But the Khans look with suspicion at anyone who asks them about their antecedent or tries to photograph.

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They are especially apprehensive of the media. Their native place, its language and culture are important even to the young generation, born and brought up in India. Kabuliwalas play cricket at the Kolkata Maidan on a Sunday. There are over Khan Kothis spread across the city - bachelor pads - where these Pathans live with others of their communities. The floors of his flat have wall to wall carpets and very little furniture.

Cushions and pillows are piled along the walls. At one corner near the entrance cricket bats are piled, the television is tuned to ESPN.

The trail of Kolkata’s Kabuliwalas comes alive in this comic

The Maidan is also where the Khans meet to celebrate Eid in the traditional Afghani way every year. The house, which he shares with F.

Rehman and three others, is a quintessential Khan Kothi. The youngest person at the house comes in with a jug and a bowl into which each washes their hands.

The Dastarkhwan is spread over the carpet and big rotis are put in front of each. Two huge bowls of gosht shorba are kept, into which the Kabuliwalas dip their roti. The meal ends with generous dollops of curd being added to the shorba, followed by green tea.

Money matters Like most Kabuliwalas, Rehman is a moneylender by profession. He is a licensed one, though not all of them have a license. After Independence, as formal trade between the countries opened, the Kabuliwalas found their market for dry fruits and hing shrinking. Many of them had always engaged in money-lending with an interest. Now, about per cent of them have taken it up as a profession. The other reason is because an increasing number of them are getting cheated by their clients.

But things have changed for the Kabuliwala.

Tracking Kolkata’s Kabuliwalas - notes from a reporter’s diary | india news | Hindustan Times

Others are in the textile business. They sell intricately embroidered silks and velvets, fabrics for Pathani suits and turbans that sometimes brought in from Afghanistan or Indian weaves that are taken from here to Kabul. These sequences remind us that when we interact with anyone — and with a child, in particular — in order to be effective, we need to relate to a shared narrative that we both embrace and commit to.

He is her best friend. She wanted to forbid it, but her husband gave her assurances that the Kabuliwala-Mini relationship was entirely innocent. He learns that Rahamat has been arrested for stabbing a customer who had refused to pay his overdue bill.

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When Mini comes outside and sees her Kabuliwala being led away, she asks him where he is going. Rahamat wants to once again see his dear little friend. When Rahamat finally sees Mini, he is struck by the realization that his dear friend has grown up into a young woman and has all but forgotten him.

He realizes that his own only daughter, of the same age as Mini, back in Afghanistan has similarly grown up and now may barely remember her own father. He breaks down in tears. Even a man capable of a violent, homicidal act can share this with an educated compassionate humanist. Both men are going through the shared and inevitable pain of seeing their daughters fly off to their new in-laws.