Overthink my relationship

overthink my relationship

Too much analyzing can be damaging to both your relationship and your mental health. Are you overthinking relationships too much? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me. Here's how you can stop letting overthinking destroy your relationships. If your overthinking focuses on your partner, you could say something like, “My partner. This advice is often extended to our romantic relationships. You wonder, “Should I break up with my boyfriend (or girlfriend)?" and then you.

Even a lack of a response you might not think needs an answer will throw someone with anxiety off. At the start of relationships, every little thing they are going to worry about.

overthink my relationship

They are almost too cautious sometimes. People with anxiety are very indecisive even about little things. They are going to ask your opinion and what you think and what would make you happy.

When they respond with one word, something is probably wrong. When they are looking constantly at their phone, they are waiting for an answer. When they fiddle with their hands standing at a party, they are trying to be calm but really nervous to be there. Everyone with anxiety has their little ticks.

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Things they might not even notice that they do. Learn to love them and love the things about themselves they struggle to. Their minds will wander and make every assumption possible. Talking things out is so important.

Why Relationships Are Hardest For People Who Overthink

Addressing an issue and finding a problem, not letting them think about it and dwell and spend time upset. Understand that any fight you might have is going to hurt them more and they will beat themselves up more than you ever can with silent treatment or hoping they learn. People with anxiety are harder on themselves than anyone and they will internalize everything and take it personally.

If you can understand the root of fears and worrying is caring maybe it will help you to understand. How can you accept something about yourself that only seems to cause problems? It will divert all attention to things you would rather ignore and force you to deal with something until a resolution is reached- or until you pass out and remember it in the morning. You only see the things that are a small part of something much bigger.

When you mention the little things that trigger your over-thinking response, when you ask questions in regards to why your partner went out for pizza instead of going for the usual burger joint with their friends, when you ask why it took 35 minutes to respond to your text instead of the usual immediate response- you are focusing on the trivial instead of the important.

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Over-thinking leads to blame- one way or the other, you or them. Stop the blame cycle! Breathe and learn to trust. Trust yourself and others. It really is the only way to move forward in your life.

To stop the damage being done to your relationship, you must stop the over-thinking. How to stop over-thinking?

overthink my relationship

Well, there is no answer that will work for everyone; I can only tell you what worked for me. Acceptance and letting go. Whatever happens in life is going to happen whether you think about it till your brain explodes, or not.

overthink my relationship

Accept what life brings your way, and let go of the need to have all the answers. Seriously, use these words.

overthink my relationship

Say them to yourself as many times as you need. Words are powerful and they can help you if you use them properly.