Page of cups relationship bukisa high priestess

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page of cups relationship bukisa high priestess

High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning. These pomegranates represent the high priestess' divine female energy, the fertility of life itself, and a ying harmony. The Yang, or . High Priestess as Feelings High Priestess and Knight of Cups: a. Ace of Cups—The Ace of Cups heralds a new relationship filled with excitement, joy and knight of cups tarot card empress tarot card Knight. High Priestess as feelings Using Tarot Cards. 2 of cups: if someone feels two of cups, is this also about different emotions or is it about.

Enough on Stage Cards for the moment but I do want you to be on the look out for then from now on. It can be the unifying force that brings warring parties together as it joins and heals deep emotional wounds. Love is all and love makes the world go around. We also believe that it will always be this way. Rarely it suggests having to make a decision between two relationships.

page of cups relationship bukisa high priestess

It suggest it is time to decide, but which one do you take? You must exam your needs and what it is that draws you to both partners. The Two of Cups also deals with the bonds that are formed between friends and the couple in this card may represent a deep and meaningful friendship or working relationship.

The Two of Cups strongly favours an engagement or marriage. A proposal may indeed be on the cards as we see the man reach out to the woman.

The High Priestess

Maybe it is the other way around. There may be someone in the background that is attracted to you but has not yet declared them self. Take a look around you and see who it might be.

On the other hand The Two of Cups turning up in a reading that is heavily laced with work related cards can suggest that need to make some time to bring a bit of romance into your life or be more romantic with your partner. Balance and harmony can return. Maybe it is time to kiss and make up. Remembering the effect of The Stage Card, maybe the romantic image the cards depicts looks too good to be true.

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Career related, you may work with couples as a marriage guidance counsellor or mediator. This Business Partnership will be immensely fulfilling and will be based on equality and respect. Maybe as a couple you are deciding to start that business you have always dreamed of.

The balance and togetherness disappear or break down. The Cups either fall or spill their contents.

page of cups relationship bukisa high priestess

You no longer have what you thought you had in the Upright. The Two of Cups in reverse brings to the forefront the effects of the number Two in its negative aspect. The gulf between them widens. Balance is lost and so too is equality. The Two of Cups reversed is a card of extremes. High moods and joviality one day and then depression and apathy another. It may herald the end of a relationship or marriage. You need to identify your needs in a relationship and also question what it is that draws you to another.

There is a house nearby. It symbolizes comfort and protection. The desolate and sorry-looking garden symbolizes the happy times that reside in the past. The Six of Cups is an overall happy picture, indicated by the happy and bright yellow color.

When the Six of Cups shows up in your tarot reading, it just means that you miss the happy memories of the past. It can mean that you miss your time as a young girl, as a teenager, or as a young adult.

It provides you with the temporary escape that you need. A trip down memory lane is healthy every once in a while. It can inspire you and relax you when things are getting too stressful. This will give you the boost of positive energy and the affirmation you need to get through the tough times happening in your present. The Six of Cups can signify a return to a place that you hold dear, a place that feels like home, an environment that evokes happy memories, or a place that you connect to your childhood.

page of cups relationship bukisa high priestess

It can even be a person connected to your childhood, like an old neighbor, or an old flame, or an old best friend. The Six of Cups can also indicate your need to experience child-like happiness again.

There is a need to connect to your inner child again. Queen of Cups Tarot Card and its Meaning You need to feel the playfulness, the spontaneity, and the creativity that come with being a child in order to feel alive and inspired again.

The Six of Cups also represents the children in your life.

page of cups relationship bukisa high priestess

It can signify someone getting pregnant or giving birth.