Palestine syria relationship

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palestine syria relationship

The Arab uprisings of shook the entire region and inevitably affected Syrian -Palestinian relations. They also stirred the Palestinian people. Ensuring national security, increasing influence among its Arab neighbours, and securing the . has intensified as the peace process collapsed in September with the start of the second Palestinian uprising (Intifada) against Israel. the first time between Israel, the Palestinians and Syria. But these of negotiations, while Israeli-Palestinian relations are still precarious, despite the Oslo.

palestine syria relationship

To-date, this assistance has included: In northeast Syria, the United States is working with our partners in the Global Coalition to Defeat-ISIS to support immediate stabilization and early recovery efforts in areas liberated from ISIS control, including Explosive Remnants of War ERW removal, the restoration of essential services and building local capacity to support longer-term sustainability. The United States has led stabilization assistance efforts in areas of Syria liberated from ISIS control, but seeks greater contributions from Coalition members and regional partners so that they can assume greater military and financial responsibility for securing the region.

Syria has been subject to U. Sanctions in August prohibited the export of U.

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In response to regime brutality against peaceful protesters beginning inthe U. Government imposed additional sanctions beginning in Aprildesignating those complicit in human rights abuses or supporting the Assad regime. In April and Maythe U. Government authorized additional sanctions for serious human rights abuse against the Syrian people and for efforts and activities undertaken to evade sanctions. Government is continuously identifying and designating individuals and entities subject to U.

palestine syria relationship

Syria also is an observer to the World Trade Organization. Bilateral Representation The U. Embassy in Damascus suspended its operations in February He must be persuaded to stop.

How do Palestinians see the Syrian war?

By coordinating the attack, Western nations conveyed that they would not stand by while Assad used chemicals weapons against civilians. This was not an action designed to weaken or topple the regime. No one seriously thinks that rebel coalitions such as the Saudi-backed Jaysh al-Islam, or Al-Nusra Front, offer a more democratic or more moderate option to the murderous Assad.

Still, his flagrant use of chemical weapons in Douma at a time when Jaysh al-Islam was surrounded and on the verge of surrender, was an act of depravity, not desperation.

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The US, French and British response was fitting and will hopefully serve as a deterrent. But a simple moral argument is not clear to everyone. Many Palestinian Christians see Assad and his Alawite regime as a bulwark against Sunni Islamist extremism that has zero tolerance for diverse religious or ethnic groups in the Middle East.

palestine syria relationship

Meanwhile, Hamas — which was headquartered in Damascus when the civil war began and had been aligned with Iran — took the side of the Sunni rebels, many of whom are inspired by the same ideology as Hamas.

Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi, a Qatari-based cleric and patron of Hamas has issued fatwas urging Muslims to join the armed uprising against Assad. What is striking about the Palestinian split over Syria, however, is the paucity of debate. One is forced to choose between bad and worse.