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relationship counsellors in kolkata west

In fact, with the current escalating divorce rate, marriage and relationship counsellors are a busy lot, some often working overtime. Though coup. Counsellor-Career,Relationship,Pre-marriage,Parent-child, RehabilitationPsychology,ArtTherapist, Graphologist, from Kolkata Institute of Graphology, Kolkata. Counselling services for stress management & depression. International · West Bengal · India Child Psychotherapy in Kolkata TriBeCa Care's marital and relationship counseling helps spouses have a deeper understanding of their.

During a discussion on how Onit interacted with their women friends - a point of contention between the two - Onit came across as too arrogant. He wanted Ratika to "deal with it". She appeared brave but was essentially submissive, says Bhonsle. Despite seven years of seeing each other, the two computer professionals "did not have a common definition for a relationship".

Can marriage counsellors really tell within minutes whether a marriage is doomed? It's possible, say counsellors who use what pop-sociologist Malcolm Gladwell calls "thin-slicing techniques" to study cases. Delhi-based psychologist Sanjay Chugh says after one session of counselling he is able to correctly predict the future of a relationship in 40 to 50 per cent of cases.

He relates the story of Ravi and Sumitra, both about 25, who came to him for counselling last year.

relationship counsellors in kolkata west

Ravi works for an MNC, his wife teaches at a vocational training college. I told the girl's parents to get her out of the relationship. After the first session, I could tell one of them was in for a bad time.

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The Power of Thinking without Thinking He defines thinslicing as "the ability of our unconscious to find patterns in situations and behaviour based on very narrow slices of experience".

The unconscious "sifts" through available information, homes in on the significant and concludes - all in a matter of moments. Gladwell describes a study conducted by psychologist and mathematician John Gottman that started in the s with over 3, married couples. The study involved their conversing for about 15 minutes on any subject of dispute.

The couples were wired to electrodes and sensors that monitored the heartbeat and noted details like perspiration levels and skin temperature; their chairs were fitted with jiggle-o-meters that registered fidgeting and video cameras recorded every expression. Every emotion expressed is assigned a digital code on a system with 20 categories of emotions called the SPAFF Special Affect coding system. Spaff translates conversation into series of digits representing emotions displayed during interaction.

The four emotions to look out for - and which spell trouble - are defensiveness, stonewalling, criticism and contempt.

relationship counsellors in kolkata west

When an hour of conversation is analysed, it is possible to "predict with 95 per cent accuracy whether that couple will still be married 15 years later"writes Gladwell on the study. Howrah After I started my career as junior scientist I felt that my office environment is not friendly and I suspected that other coworkers in office are planning to disturb me by creating problems.

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I was unable to concentrate at my work and my supervisor asked me about my low performance. I got my confidence back from the psychological therapy of Dr.

relationship counsellors in kolkata west

Mitra and I am advancing in my career. A relative sent me to psychiatrist and had been treated for more than one year. Mitra helped me to come out from that darkness and I am being able to restart my business again as before.

Raju Sam, Burdwan My son was a 8 year old hyperactive unmindful child having complains from school. School wanted counseling for him and we took him to Dr.

My son had shown improvement after few sittings and being able to follow the class better than before. Sreemanta Chakraborty, Barrackpur I had high conflict with in-laws after my marriage. My husband also was distant from me. I felt irritable and distressed always. I came to know about counseling therapy and myself and my husband both went for marital counseling.