Student nurse mentor gifts relationship

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student nurse mentor gifts relationship

Lack of time and support can lead to nurse mentors failing to meet their responsibilities and even passing students they deem incompetent. Barrett D ( ) The clinical role of nurse lecturers: past, present, and future. Nurse Wilkes Z () The student-mentor relationship: a review of the literature. The student-mentor relationship is a complex one, which can be rewarding as well as Zoe Wilkes is lecturer in community nursing, the University of Hull,. Hull. distinction between Project and the present programme. As a student, I attended nursing conferences and met a lot of nurses eager Explain why you have chosen them, present your professional goals, and be sure to talk about what you will bring to the mentoring relationship.

As a student, I attended nursing conferences and met a lot of nurses eager to be my mentor.

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As I progressed through the nursing program, I continued to communicate and give updates of my school achievements to the potential mentors. Once I graduated and received my nursing license, I was faced with the difficulty of finding a job as a new graduate. All the doors seemed to be locked and no one had the key. At first, I did not know what I wanted specifically from a mentor, but it became clear what I needed from a mentor.

Sherman has the qualities for a perfect mentor. She was the only one responding and reaching out to me. She was right by my side knocking on doors with me. She was committed to helping my transition into the nursing field, as I was committed to making her proud.


We shared a mutual trust and respect for each other. It was and continually is easy to talk to her about my career goals and other life events.

She has the hammer and chisel to break you out of your protective shell to empower you to accept challenges and make a great impact to the future of nursing.

student nurse mentor gifts relationship

What Is a Mentor? As Piquion learned, a mentor can help facilitate a smoother transition into practice. Most new graduates participate in residency programs in their work settings and have designated preceptors. There are distinct differences between a preceptor and a mentor.

student nurse mentor gifts relationship

In contrast, a mentor can be selected from inside or outside of the work setting, and does not supervise your work. A mentor can help to open doors to new learning opportunities and provide you with a different viewpoint on your professional work environment. Having a mentor who offers reassurance can help reduce the reality shock. There is also research to support that a mentor can increase job satisfaction for new graduates and reduce turnover.

Finding a mentor can be challenging if your organization does not have a formal mentoring process. Use the following five steps to identify who might be the best mentor for you: Before you approach anyone to mentor you, determine what you want from that mentor. Are you looking for career guidance, professional networking opportunities or help on how to manage challenging situations in the workplace?

student nurse mentor gifts relationship

It is important to choose a mentor who you will find easy to talk to and has a personality style that complements yours. An ideal mentor should be someone you admire and feel is a good role model for professional behavior.

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He or she needs to be a good listener and willing to provide honest feedback. While you may be tempted to choose a nationally known professional for your mentor, this is not always the best choice for a new graduate.

You need to consider availability and geographic proximity. Face to face meetings work best in mentoring relationships. You also need to think about whether you want a mentor from inside or outside of your organization. Start by taking inventory of yourself.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a nurse?

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With experience can come bad habits, corner cutting, and sloppiness. These are the things I want to share. Model the behavior you want to see. I hate to say it but anyone can talk the talk.

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Oddly enough, I found that hand washing is a great silent instructional tool to model the correct behavior. There are plenty of nurses modeling bad behavior, but it only takes one person to do the right thing for it to catch on.

Be quick with praise. The new nurse often works in a vacuum of praise. They are just expected to always be correct. I point out the correct behavior when I see it. That moment of reinforcement will last a lifetime. One humiliation can sour a relationship. I never give correction in front of other people. Gentle correction in private is the way to go.

Be willing to learn. How does this medicine work? What is the natural course of this disease? What is the meaning of this lab value?